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It’s time to show the truly awesome powers of blogging

The meme is, “Bush lost the war”, and the reason it’s far more important than most memes making the rounds of the net is easy to figure out with a moment’s reflection. Everyone knows we live in an age of spin, and everyone should realize that we are very soon to be deluged with spin about who lost the Iraq war.

The Administration will try it’s best to pin the blame on anyone or anything but itself. They will be joined both by their allies and by opportunists looking to take a dig at their favorite targets. Likely targets of the Administration, it’s allies, and the opportunists range from the military, to the so-called “liberal press”, to the American people, to the Democrats in Congress, or on to some other group. Everyone but the real culprits—Bush and his Administration—will be fair game for someone. But why put up with this bullshit?

Bush has already started to attack these groups and if a pullout occurs, make no mistake Bush will start flinging the mud full force.

So, if you’re a blogger, please give serious consideration to passing the meme along. If enough of us do so, we will be heard. And if you’re not a blogger, there’s a little email icon at the bottom of this article. By clicking on it, you can send this post along to a friend, thus doing your part to spread the meme. Thank you!

If you, like me, are tired of the Bullshit let’s hear it.  Politicians have finally started paying attention to the blogs, and now is the time to tell them how you feel.  Please comment here on your feelings and if you can spread the word to everyone you know.

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10 thoughts on “Spread the Word Far and Wide!

  1. Thanks for passing on the meme, Webs!  If enough of us get involved in this, we might have an influence on the politicians and pundits.  Gosh!  That would almost be like democracy.

  2. Read today that Halliburton have moved their HQ from the US to United Arab Emirates you know that place, no taxes, no democracy, on the supply route to Iran…

  3. I’d pick Dubai over Houston any day of the week

    There’s no law that says they have to have a civic conscience.
    Apparently they’re still gonna be incorporated in US and pay US taxes but who knows.
    Someone suggested Halliburton wants to move HQ nearer the action.
    Someone else mentioned most of Mercedes’ stock is sold in US but they haven’t moved.

  4. I blame the Georgetown set and their successors.  They are probably the ones still pulling the strings after all of these years.  We are at a point where we need more Carl Bernsteins and Katherine “the Great” Grahams, and yet today the media is firmly in the grip of the administration.  They have been doing serious amounts of “spin” ever since the end of world war 2.  I recommend reading “The CIA: a forgotten history” by William Blum.  The whole United States foreign policy can at times be bug eyed.  I’m getting tired of hearing that just Bush’s administration is crocked.  This is like an exact replay of how America got into the Vietnam War (falsification) and I imagine that it will be the same way they are going to get out.  Another black eye for America.

  5. You know, they might blame citizens on the relious card – the westboro baptist church claims the reason for soldiers dying in middle east is punishment from god for homosexuality, and people will be persecuted – xianity seems to have runaway momentum in mind control

  6. dc, I was about to point out that you were linking to a parody site, but then I realized I’d brain faded and mixed up Westboro with Landover Baptist. 

    Sometimes the parody and the real nuts take a second look to tell apart.

  7. I made the same mistake Ragman. For people like this I wish God was real, just so he could bitch slap them. That would be real funny. Thie use of old testament quotes to prove what we all suspect- their God is a homocidal psychopath- go direstly against Jesus teachings. Guess they aint Christians- just a Jewish subsect

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