Shutting down image hotlinkers.

Referrer logs were showing an awful lot of people were hotlinking to the image in my Science vs. Faith entry so I had to put in some mod rewrites to stop that from happening. I had them in previously, but they got lost in the move to the new servers awhile back. Anyone still hotlinking to images here on SEB will get the graphic you see here, but eventually I’ll probably just change it so they get a 403 error.

Note that it’s not that I don’t want people using the science vs faith image as it’s not even mine to begin with, but if you’re going to use it then at least grab it and upload it to your own server instead of hotlinking to the copy on mine. That’s what I did out of consideration for the folks at Grey’s Journal that came up with it. Give them credit as well.

I use up enough bandwidth as it is without acting as an image server for a couple of hundred other sites. I put in exceptions for Google Reader and Bloglines so both of those should still be able to see the images, but if you use a reader that’s being blocked then let me know so I can put in an exception for it as well.

4 thoughts on “Shutting down image hotlinkers.

  1. Thank you for remembering to put in those exceptions. So many other sites neglect to do so, and it’s a pain in the ass!

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