Now I remember why I swore off working retail…

Had my cashier training yesterday so I’d know how to work the register in the Garden Center. On my feet for six hours straight running a busy register the eve before Good Friday when everyone is out buying their Easter holiday supplies and the store for some reason decided to under-staff the cashiers. In short: Busy, busy, busy.

Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. My feet still hurt this morning and I’m due back to work at 8AM. I’m not used to standing up for so long and my body doesn’t appreciate it at all. In addition to my feet, my legs hurt, my left knee was giving me trouble, and several spots in my back all decided to let me know they exist last night. A good hot shower before bed helped and sleeping settled most of the rest down, but they’re going to be pissed in about 45 minutes when I force myself back into another 8 hours of standing around pretending I know something about lawn and garden supplies.

If nothing else it’s a great motivation to keep up the job search to get back into my proper field of work. Gotta run, time to jump into the shower.

11 thoughts on “Now I remember why I swore off working retail…

  1. I recommend buying some cheap shoe inserts.  The cheap $20 one aren’t that great but they helped me when I had a job on the feet the whole time.

  2. Been there; done that; had the blisters and painful arches.
    Think about getting a knee support before it’s too late.
    Don’t let this temporary situation grind you down.  smile

  3. They don’t give you a stool? Standing is a lot more painful than walking I find
    I work in a retail warehouse, and have the advantage of being able to sit down when nobodys looking (and sneek in a snack), as do the sales people who have reasons to access, but you know, cashier isn’t a million miles away from sales, and doing that you can walk around, and you have more variety
    Your feet will get used to abuse, your knee may be another matter

  4. I work at McDonalds so I have a good idea of what youre going through. Ive gotta ask for Sunday off though so I might not be working there much longer…

  5. A good hot shower before bed helped and sleeping settled most of the rest down

    Then just a few hours later, probably not even 10 or 12…

    Gotta run, time to jump into the shower

    You are either a really clean person, or you were being nasty during the night.

  6. LM, you’re still around! I stumbled across one of your older comments a few days back while digging through the archives and I couldn’t help but wonder what became of you. (For newer regulars, LM is one of the first, if not arguably THE first, regular SEB reader I had.) You’ve changed the name of your blog I see. That explains much of why I couldn’t find your old one.

    Anyway, I took 600MG of Ibuprofen last night before bed and it helped a lot. My feet were killing me yesterday after working my first true 8 hour shift, along with a lot of other muscles, and this morning I’m just walking a little funny due to stiff muscles.

    Paul, missed your comment the first time around somehow. The answer is I’m a really clean person. I also have really fine hair that gets oily easily and sleeping on it all night is a sure fire way to mess it up. That’s why I’ll still take a shower in the morning even if I took one the night before.

  7. I’ll agree wit Webs and say to pick up some shoe inserts, if not good walking shoes.  I felt the same way when I started working for the TSA, and went out and bought new shoes after the first couple days.

  8. Ibuprofen is wonderful stuff. Same with naproxen sodium (helps more when my back bothers me.)

    The other thing you might want to do is start eating more potassium (bananas, or of course supplements). That can help stave off the charley horses (or, in my case, the charley *herd*).

    Luck to you finding a new job soon!!

  9. How dare they do this to our God. I just hope they are called “Gethsemanie”

    From the Gospel according to Lucky John

    12: and Les did cry out 13: My legs, my legs, why hast thou abandoned me.

    (to be less flip- I worked a few long sessions in bars, so I know it really isn’t nice to have the piss taken- but then you know us here at SEB)

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