New York politicians upset over GTA IV trailer.

What the fuck is up with politicians suddenly getting their panties all in a wad over what city a video game is set in? Last year it was Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goldman getting all pissy about Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Vegas being set in Vegas and now the pols in New York are all upset about Liberty City looking a lot like New York:

“Setting Grand Theft Auto in the safest big city in America would be like setting Halo in Disneyland,” said City Councilman Peter Vallone, chairman of the Council’s Public Safety Committee.

In its first trailers released this week, Grand Theft Auto is set in a mythical city that bears a striking resemblance to New York.

As the trailer shows well-known landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Cyclone in Coney Island, a character voiceover warns: “Life is complicated. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different.”

“It’s despicable to glamorize violence in games like these, regardless of how far-fetched the setting may be,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

“The mayor does not support any video game where you earn points for injuring or killing police officers,” said Jason Post, a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg.

Oh give me a fucking break. Why is it that these people never get pissed off over a violent movie being set in New York? How many films have there been that were not only violent, but painted an unflattering picture of New York? Where were these idiots then? Not to mention the fact that Liberty City has been based on New York since the GTA III.

Just when I thought some of the video game hysteria was finally starting to settle down it turns out they’re just shifting the focus of their hysteria. Luckily there’s not a whole lot more than bitching that they can do about it.

6 thoughts on “New York politicians upset over GTA IV trailer.

  1. GTA V should be in Rome, or Vatican City.  Couldn’t ever get tired of flying an apache and laying siege to the vatican.

  2. Halo in Disneyland would kick ass.

    Nah- you’d have to be Warner Brothers toons attacking, with their Acme Mini-guns, or dropping an anvil on that bloody rat.

  3. Man if video games cause violence I guess I should be just about ripe for a ravenous murdering rampage…

    I think halo is Disneyland would be pretty fucking cool, but I fail to see his comparison.  Fucking politicians.

  4. Nah- you’d have to be Warner Brothers toons attacking, with their Acme Mini-guns, or dropping an anvil on that bloody rat.

    Ratchet and Clank do Disneyland… or maybe Armed & Dangerous, with the landshark gun.

    Does anyone know if the NYC politicos got upset over “The Warriors” – game or movie?

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