McCain takes a stroll in Baghdad with small army to show how “safe” it is.

John McCain is really starting to bug me. How much of an idiot does he think we are? Well, considering we elected Bush twice, I suppose he has good reason to suspect at least half the country is full of idiots, but it’s still amazing he’d engage in this kind of political theater considering his past.

It all started with McCain making a claim that Baghdad was much safer than it has been saying, “There are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you and I could walk through those neighborhoods, today… [the U.S. is] beginning to succeed in Iraq.” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked him about it in an interview and McCain repeated the claim. Then Blitzer turned to CNN’s Michael Ware in Baghdad who pretty much said McCain was living in Neverland and he would love to know “where that neighborhood is, and he and I can go for a stroll.” Watch the clip here:

Apparently that didn’t sit too well with the good (ahem) Senator so this past Sunday, April 1st, McCain led a Republican congressional delegation on a stroll around a Baghdad neighborhood and told news reporters that this proved his claim was correct:

Well, here was McCain strolling, strutting in fact, in Baghdad. And he wasn’t done yet. At the presser, McCain, who was testy throughout, pointed out that the delegation had driven into town from the airport, rather than fly in Blackhawk helicopters like most VIPs. He also cited a drop in the murder rate as a sign of progress and got in one final dig: “American people are not getting the full picture of what’s happening here.” No guesses who McCain blames for that. “The media has a responsibility to report all aspects of what’s taking place,” he said.

There was just a few small details he didn’t bother to mention:

NBC’s Nightly News provided further details about McCain’s one-hour guided tour. He was accompanied by “100 American soldiers, with three Blackhawk helicopters, and two Apache gunships overhead.” Still photographs provided by the military to NBC News seemed to show McCain wearing a bulletproof vest during his visit.

Ya know, I bet I’d feel pretty damn safe if I had 100 soldiers, three Blackhawks, and two Apache gunships following me around as well though I’d think most reasonable people would assume that such measures indicate that things are quite as safe in Baghdad as McCain would like us to think.

Impress me, John. Take another walk for an hour, by your self, no soldiers, no helicopters, no bullet proof armor. Then come back and tell us how safe the streets are.

If you can come back that is.

47 thoughts on “McCain takes a stroll in Baghdad with small army to show how “safe” it is.

  1. Aww, you’re probably being too hard on the guy.  I bet McCain wanted to just stroll around unprotected but they made him take along all that protection.

  2. OH RIGHT! It’s the media’s fault we don’t understand and know everything going on there- but if the PRESIDENT doesn’t want to tell us when we’re supposed to be getting the hell out, that’s no one’s fault, it’s A-OK, it’s to make us safe.

    Hypocrisy! It makes me crazy. Either you want all information known, or you want to pick and choose. Stop lying to make everything look peachy keen, to make yourself look better, to make it look like we’re making any progress.

    His God knows we aren’t. Doesn’t God speak directly to Bush? Maybe he should, you know, let him in on the joke.

  3. Impress me, John. Take another walk for an hour, by your self, no soldiers, no helicopters, no bullet proof armor.

    I think he’d consider that almost as risky as thinking for himself.

  4. Same here Benior…

    I first heard about this on Crooks and Liars and just shook my head.  It appears McCain is getting campaign tips from Rove, cause only Rove would come up with a bullshit idea like this.

  5. McCain’s on his way out. I only hope he’s smart enough to leave before he really embarrasses himself.

    The one who worries me, because he’s crafty enough to fool a lot of people, is Romney. He’s doing very well with the fund-raising and money is everything in a presidential bid. Plus he’s tall and attractive (though not to me) which is also very important to American voters.

  6. The one who worries me, because he’s crafty enough to fool a lot of people, is Romney.

    I agree, though I personally wouldn’t trust any of them. I think even Giuliani bend over backward to accomodate the far Right were he elected.

  7. I only hope he’s smart enough to leave before he really embarrasses himself.

    I dunno, Brock. I reckon, with this one, the dead parrot has already fallen off his perch.  LOL

  8. Is anybody else feeling sorry for the service members who risked life and limb for such a publicity stunt? Always assuming this was a command performance…

  9. Is there no one in the leadership of the Republican Party that doesn’t have their head up their a—or buried in the sand deep enough to realize that lying is wrong? 

    Is the general public so stupid that they are going to believe this leadership and vote them in again? 

    It is time to think about the loss of human lives in the conflicts in foreign countries and our own.  To look closely at the jobs leaving this country because profits are better when labor is cheaper.  To wake up to the fact that our grandchildren will have nothing—no jobs, no money to establish homes with, and possibly no life to live if the killing continues at home and abroad.

    McCain claims you can walk safely in Baghdad when the truth is you can’t even walk safely in parts of our own country.  Why?  Could be we spent too much time, energy, and money on other countries that we forgot to get help for the people with mental problems and illness here in the American?  That we forgot that our people have to have jobs to be able to buy the houses, goods, cars, insurance, food, health care and all the other necessities needed to live decently. That we forgot to educate our people well enough that abuse in any form be it physical, mental, or addictive is not needed or will be tolerated.

    Some will say religion is needed to save this situation but it is the need to take control of one’s own self and insist that the multitude of resources our nation has left be used to solve our problems not other nations. 

    Our leaders must wake up to the fact that these other Nations don’t want our poltics and practices.  That they have lived their ways for hundred even thousands of years and they want it no other way. 

    Let the religeous find comfort in their beliefs but also let them as well others band together to take our nation back, to make our streets safe to walk again, and spend our resources here where they are so badly needed.

  10. The one who worries me, because he’s crafty enough to fool a lot of people, is Romney.

    Worry about Fred Thompson.  Run Fred!  Run!

  11. Meanwhile, how safe is it to walk about in Iran? Even less safe than normal if you believe this report:

    Israeli Press Report: US Will Strike Iran On Good Friday

    Citing Russian media and AP, the Jerusalem Post is now reporting that the US will strike Iran on Good Friday between the hours of 4.00 am and 4.00 pm in a coordinated series of air strikes and missile attacks aimed at selected strategic targets. 

    Russian intelligence sources identify US forces assembled in the Persian Gulf armed with aircraft and missiles that could carry out the hard power attack.  The US fleet in the Gulf includes two aircraft carriers:  USS Eisenhower and USS Stennis with a third on the way, USS Nimitz.

    Russian sources describe Iran’s nuclear facilities as well as the command and control architecture of its military as the primary targets of the US attack.


    Having been posted on April 1st, one can easily assume it’s a joke. But I wonder if Iran was fooled; they’ve been so agreeable for the last couple of days.

  12. You nailed it, Momma.  Rather than “bring democracy” to other nations (particularly ones we’ve just blasted all to Mordor structurally and politically), we need to keep more of it laying around at home. 

    I don’t even want to know how many decades it will take to roll back the damage to democracy done by the so-called “Patriot Act”, as well as the damage done to America’s reputation by that swaggering pack of Slytherins currently parking their craven @$$es in the White House (abetted their cheerleaders in Congress, Fox Noise, talk radio, etc.).

  13. Momma: Some will say religion is needed to save this situation

    As a slightly biased onlooker I’d suggest religion is one of the main causes of much your nation’s stupid.
    eg1: Without religion … Shrub would never have been POTUS; wouldn’t have been called by dog to do the nasty to Iraq.
    eg2: Without religion … Merkin senior wouldn’t have said: No I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under Gard.
    eg3: Without religion … Gays would be treated like ordinary citizens and allowed to marry.
    eg4: Without religion … The right to an abortion would not be under threat and all but impossible.
    eg5: Without religion … Honest, unbiased Sex Education would be rampant in the schools resulting in less teenage pregnancy and STDs including AIDS.
    eg6: Without religion … Every state in USA would allow atheists to hold office.
    Eg7: Without religion … Every child would be guaranteed a secular education with NO time wasted on quaint delusions.

    I won’t go on – it’s too much like shooting dairy cows with a high powered rifle with scope.

    Here‘s a nice little YouTube high lighting some of the things Atheists are subjected to or can’t do in your Great Nation … home of the brave; land of the free.  wink

  14. LJ,

    You poor thing.  Forever going through life because you weren’t able to make eagle scout.  Tough stuff that.

  15. I think you left a part out of that sentence, Consi.  What condition that modifies “going through life” does the “because” refer to?  question

  16. Thanks DoF. smile
    I’m about used to Consi’s little remarks – we like pressing buttons.
    With all he could have disagreed with or commented about what I wrote, he picked a cryptic nothing from his imagination … and fucked it up.

    Consi, I’ve never been a team player unless I was the boss; I’m far too selfish and don’t take to instruction well – for as long as I can remember I’ve done things my way and it usually turned out the way I wanted.
    And, I’ve never claimed victim status.
    Tuff life?
    Some tuff moments of course, but on balance life handed me the easy bits; it’s been a breeze and getting easier.

    Speaking of breeze – I’m into my 4th month of being smoke free.
    It’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever attempted.
    Are you still abusing your temple with your cancer sticks, Consi?
    I know who the stronger man is and who the slave is, sucker.  LOL

    There was a programme tonite on commercial free TV about ‘them’ having found a vaccination against smoking – well something along those lines anyway.

    Apparently other than for the vaccination, cold turkey is the way to go.
    I had none of ‘the symptoms’ associated with quitting – I didn’t want or need them … plus I’m old and consciously decided for the first time I wanted to live.  smile
    Dunno why yet but I’m sure I’ll find out.

  17. DOF:

    I did intend to include some other language in the sentence, but in rereading it now, I prefer the more “cryptic” reference. grin

  18. The only thing I NEED to do is stay white and die.

    Now THAT’s what I call ambitious Goal-setting. wink

    Is there any depth to it or is it as shallow as it … yeah it is.

    I thought I was banned

    Not yet it seems but the day you hoist your own petard with ‘death to all who can’t be white’ then …

  19. LuckyJohn, it’s “Hoisted by his/your own petard” or “Hoisted by my own petard”.

    I swear people are better at using a “web search” function in their browser, when they don’t understand something, than you seem to think. It’s almost insulting the way you suggest we’re so unworldly that you have to provide so many links to simple terms.

    I believe you’re a genuinely well-meaning person with an unmalicious sense of humor and I’d probably hang with you if you lived in my town but sometimes you exasperate me.

    Also, I was going to add a smiley to this message but when I clicked on the link, they were all gone: You used them all up. (I hate gratuitous use of LSFGI’s).

    To be honest, John, I think you’re trying too hard to be respected and liked by everyone and that will never happen, for anyone. Relax and let your intuition work. Stop trying to manipulate us.

    To be fair, there are people here who more deserve correcting than you, but I already know they wouldn’t listen or even understand anyway.

    Others may give me flak for this but so be it. I may regret it later but sometimes I just need to convey my controversial thoughts.

  20. I may regret it later but sometimes I just need to convey my controversial thoughts.

    Never regret, Brock. You do your Self a dis-service.
    Why do I link so much?
    Mostly I link what I’ve checked myself and that petard one was curly cos I’d never analysed what it meant – for some stupid reason I thought a petard was a sorta pendant cos in Oz the word hoist usually means to hoist a sail or flag.
    I like having fun with language but I’m well aware that there’re terms and things used in Oz and UK that Americans may not be familiar with. Why else would y’all re-make some TV shows?
    I am writing to interest or entertain anyone who wants to read my comments not just the smartest.

    I don’t try to act any particular way.
    I like to get things to sound as right as they can … for me.
    I can spend an hour over a line; it’s part of my obsessive compulsive madness I s’pose.
    Manipulate? Everyone does that in some form or another, to a greater or lesser degree even, from cradle to grave.
    Smileys? I only know LOL  wink  and smile using the keys ; :  lol and ).
    I don’t do gratuitous – if I remember I try to take the edge off a comment.
    I like having fun in layering double entendres as well as ambiguity and tautology and finishing off with a wink  to let the reader know I’m aware I was being silly.

    Primarily I writefor my entertainment because I’m a self-centred fucker.

    Others may give me flak for this

    I forbid it.

  21. LuckyJohn, it’s “Hoisted by his/your own petard” or “Hoisted by my own petard”.

    I know.
    I was amusing myself with the throwing ofucking bombs.
    Did I miss?

  22. ‘death to all who can’t be white’

    I haven’t made that clear enough in my postings?

    I’ll try harder next time.

  23. Brock, everyone has their own style of commenting. It’s part of how they express themselves online. At least LJ isn’t using TXT speak.

  24. Les, I don’t think most commenters here use particular styles. Style in this context is defined as “those components or features of a literary composition that have to do with the form of expression rather than the content of the thought expressed” and I just don’t see most adhering to such a limiting process.

    LJ does have a commenting style generally. Some others do also. Moloch’s style, for example, is commonly utilized to shock or anger the reader. Distant Claws’ style is to suggest knowledge of difficult subject matter to instruct or to go to the very metaphysical limits of a concept or situation.

    Commenting styles can be annoying or they can be comforting in their familiarities. LJ is very clever sometimes and he is, without a doubt, accepting and forgiving. I just hate when people use smileys in an attempt to minimize another’s negative response. If you feel it and you say it, claim it; don’t inhibit it after the fact.

    I wish you guys would be so forthright with me. How do I come across to you? Do you pass my comments by? Do you think I’m weird? I’ve made some really weird comments in the past so I know I run the risk of being considered laughable. So let me know if I communicate badly or if I’m too hard on others. Let me know so I can learn to be a positive influence on this site.

  25. Smilies are often used to distinguish between a serious and joking comment.  Or using a blushing smilie instead of typing “I was embarrassed by the misspelling that caused the misunderstanding, blah-blah…” 

    I always read your comments, Brock, and I ignore Moloch, smile at Sadie, nod along with Les, enjoy KPG, roll my eyes at Consi, often but not always agree with Elwed, grin with GeekMom…

    Oh well, I was trying to be clever but just ended up sounding sort of dumb.  Keep commenting!  Yeah, you’re a little wierd but is anybody who hangs around here “normal” and what the hell does that mean, anyway?

  26. I hope this doesn’t sound narcissistic but, with very few exceptions, I have read nearly every comment since I started commenting here.  I enjoy reading what people say, how they formulate their arguments, and what joke they have to add.  How people react, think, and so forth really interests me.

    Brock I have read everything you have posted with never having to skim cause you don’t waste people’s time with stupid shit.  Something I appreciate.  I have found your comments enjoyable just like everyone else’s.

    But to each his own.  Let LJ comment how ever he wants, it is what gives him character.  This site would really be boring if no one had a “style” to how they write, think, and say things.

    But come on, are you really going to say that LJ’s comments don’t make you bust out loud laughing every once in awhile.  Maybe because of the age gap between him and me I find a lot of the shit he says funny and fresh…

  27. I skim sections of thread that I lose track in or don’t feel bothered to read or engage in, this has no more likelihood of being one person over another unless if the comments are extreemely long and therefore it would be too much effort to engage (which probably describes my own comments to be honest)

    Everyone here has some likeable aspect (ie Moloch has a slight rebelious cuteness), simply don’t allow any unlikable ones to register and no problem will exist. A lot of people on SEB are very patient, which I apreciate and consider of overriding importance. Some commenters like to joke, and as in outside life I rarely understand the joke but I know that it was a joke and I appreciate it, because joking shows mindframe and intentions, it’s a way of showing the score. Use of smilies helps set the context and mindframe sometimes. Use of hypelinks for definitions can be ignored by anyone who knows what they mean and help those who don’t (who may be outside the discussion)

    To explain, the reason for my lean on probing the metaphysical is that my current needs concern the security that gets associated with such things, there are also unresolved conflicts within myself, and the commenting helps me realise stuff and make available my own stuff for anyone who may find it useful. My investigations into this line of inquiry are sometimes by necessity blended with what I know of science, I use philosophy as a tool

  28. Brock:

    1) You vary a lot. As a general observation, it seems to depend on whether the topic is personal to you or not.
    2) I’ve never passed reading your comments.
    3) Yes, but only because you are forgiving of Hawaiian shirts.

  29. I wish you guys would be so forthright with me.

    I’ve seen a coupla comments of yours that have attracted the ire of one other that I can think of.
    These days I don’t normally do nasty shit to nice people and you seem like nice people. I used to be really nasty bastard and treated ‘nice’ as a weakness; something to thrust at and break.

    How do I come across to you?

    Right now? As though you need permission to live and breath; it’s time to give others the Wednesday finger and join Frank and do it your way. See, here’s where I’d put a link to Frank cos some might not know who the fuck I’m talking.
    As Zilch once said to me when I went into a self-effacing/doubting spiral: Give yourself a break.

    Do you pass my comments by?

    Never! I always read every word you writeand you’ve written nothing (until This particular bit) that’s pressed any of My buttons.

    Do you think I’m weird?

  30. Well that’s a first – only half my stuff ‘printed’.

    Do you think I’m weird?

    Of course; you’re unique … just like me; isn’t it liberating? This is where I’d normally put a smiley inviting you to smile at ourselves with me cos ultimately we’re ALL rather laughable at our sense of importance on this speck in the universe.

    I’ve made some really weird comments in the past so I know I run the risk of being considered laughable.

    So what?
    A quote that almost fits comes to mind: If we waited till we could do it perfectly we’d never do anything.
    What are we doing here?
    Are we living for ourselves or others?
    I dunno about anyone else but I live for me; if I can impart anything useful for someone else on the way, cool; if not stick it in ya pipe and smoke it … I was gonna say: shove it up your arse, but you may have taken offence. Here’s where I’d normally put a gratuitous smiley.
    I’m playing in this playground for two reasons: I’m not bored yet and I’m too lazy to find another playground and not enough …
    I’m playing in this playground for Three reasons: I’m not bored yet and I’m too lazy to find another playground and not enough people have told me to fuck off and … this is where I’d put another smiley so you would HOPEfully smile along with me.

    So let me know if I communicate badly or if I’m too hard on others.

    What? And become manipulative like me?
    You gave Me a long lecture about how you want me to be and now you’re asking us how we want You to be.
    If I want dumbed down fucking bland I’ll join the xian rapture boards or a church.

    Let me know so I can learn to be a positive influence on this site.

    And after all this I’m sure it was all a tongue in the cheek waiting to reel in the paranoid me.
    Well, it worked … but I don’t care.  smile

  31. I’ve always assume John put the links in for Americans, because of the difference in US and UK/OZ speak. I’ve seen people get confused by phrases we both use, where we understand each other, but the Septics (or Shermans, if I’m being polite) don’t.

    Smileys are there because there is no body language/voice tone on the net/text. It’s always useful to know when some-one is extracting the Michael.

  32. You should know how I feel about your comments by now, Brock. You’re not a Special Guest Bastard for no reason you know. I read every comment and entry you write. I appreciate your insight and humor.

    If anything I’m disappointed you don’t comment more.

  33. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I do find it helpful.

    To those who advocate rampant smiley use, I’ve always felt that if you communicate well enough, you don’t really need them. To me they’re kind of like what multiple exclamation marks are to others. Anyway, enough of my views on that.

    So now that I’ve derailed this thread, allow me to turn it back over to McCain bashing. His commenting style sucks and it’s sad that he’s trying to manipulate everyone. It could be worse though: he could be a member here.

  34. First, for the record, LJ, please don’t stop using the links or alter your style. I enjoy it too much. I rarely need the actual definition links, but it let’s me know when you’re using a paticular word because that word is exactly right and you’ve even gone to the trouble to look it up to make sure. It puts it in a definitive context.

    Of course, I’m a word guy….

    Brock, you come across pleasant and interesting, but I don’t feel like I know you through your words. Many posters here, I know so well from their posts that I can predict how they’ll respond to most things, much like my friends in the real world (and doesn’t that have interesting implications. Like the rest of you don’t live in the same world that I do. That’s silly. Hmm, need some new words here I think.)

    Which is neither here nor there, good nor bad. Just an answer to your question.

    One that inevitably leads me to wonder what people make of my periodic posts. Hmmm….

  35. lol. I’m compelled to ego-fish and see where my comments stand, but at the moment I’ll say the following.

    LJ and DC have unusual styles. I can pick their comments out of a large thread as I scroll past them. It isn’t just content, but the structure of the paragraphs, that tips me off. I tend to read Brock because usually the guy’s got a personal foot to put forward where he posts, and, like Les, I get hopeful he’ll post more often.

    That said, I hold nothing against lurking; all it means is you don’t think you have the resources to contribute.

  36. I didn’t intend to ego-fish, Patness. I offered criticism so I figured I should open myself up to some as well. Whatever is said about me will be taken with a grain of salt as well as an earnest desire to understand why it was said.

    Still, you have every right to ask how you’re perceived as well and I will tell you that I find your comments, as a whole, to be well considered and enlightening. You have an economy of words manner, too, that says the most with the least excess. All in all, a valuable voice for the site.

    I do need to post and comment at SEB more often because when I think I’ve said something worth being said and it is taken well, it pleases me and that pleasure spills over into my life in general.  Go ahead and say it! – I’m a freakin’ mush-head.

  37. I’ve seen people get confused by phrases we both use, where we understand each other, but the Septics (or Shermans, if I’m being polite) don’t.

    How true. For example quoting you out of context from the smoking thread:

    Sometimes when I’ve a had a few pints I really want a fag or two- which works out really expensive

    (I’m not trying to use a homophobic slur here: I just found it funny.)

  38. I’m with Les on the notion that everyone has a unique style. Some of us, most notably Elwed, tend to be very terse and to-the-point; others, ala Distant Claws, are sometimes excessively long-winded and prolix. KPG’s style can be described as highly impassioned, Consi’s as somewhat cool and formal, and DOF’s as gentle and down-to-earth. Still others have styles that seem to reflect a batshit-insane persona, such as Moloch and our dear departed Don.

    LuckyJohn and Moses strike me as unique, quite eccentric (particularly the latter), but also touchingly humorous and well-meaning. A LuckyJohn post simply would not be a LuckyJohn post without an excessive number of smilies, oddly linked pages, and scattered sentences that just trail off.

    So what do I think of you, Brock? I must admit that you are and always have been one of my very favorite regulars. I’m guessing that you’re probably close to my age (I’ll be thirty in June), yet your comments always reveal much wisdom that seems more characteristic of someone twice your age. You have a knack for cutting through people’s bullshit.

  39. Oddly enough the success of SEB is part of why I don’t comment as much as I once did. Quite often one of you regulars — or even more commonly several of you regulars — have already said what I was going to say.

    And I always feel a little silly saying, “And that goes for me too!”

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