In honor of Easter…

… and Last Hussar’s ongoing campaign to have me elected God, I figured updating the side bar pic and my avatar seemed in order.

Go now, and spread my word.

14 thoughts on “In honor of Easter…

  1. Love it, Les – it’s you.
    Being slightly inquisitive and having plenty of time it invited me to find out exactly where it came from cos I always thought Mick didn’t quite get the out-stretched hand persactly right … when you look at the relationship between the thumb and the fore-finger – betcha can’t make your hand go like that.

    Anyway I found out that piece is referred to as “Creation of the sun, moon and planets” and now I know why baring your arse to someone is called mooningLOL

    Doesn’t it look like God’s doing the pointing fingers dance? wink

  2. *looks left*  *looks right*

    [Marvin voice]There was supposed to be a fundie kaboom, an Earth-shattering fundie kaboom!”[/voice]

    Seriously.  I am disappointed in them.  Over twelve hours and not a single outraged squawk against this blasphemy?  I know you are not in PZs league, but would have figured you had one or two full time Jesus enthusiasts keeping an eye on you.

  3. Hare Krishna
    Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna
    Hare Hare
    Hare Rama
    Hare Rama
    Rama Rama
    Hare Hare
    Iti Sodasakam Namnam
    Natah Parataropayah
    Sarva-Vedesu Drsyate

  4. BTW, to anyone subscribed, if you missed the South Park Easter special I Highly recommend it.  We finally learn the symbolism of the Easter Bunny…

  5. So it was you (les) who was touched by the noodly appendage?!! Remarkable likeness

  6. YEAH ME

    Sadie you heratic everyone knows it goes
    Les Jenkins
    Jenkins Jenkins
    Evil Bastard.

    This trumps that newsstory I heard in the late ‘80s where a Rabbi in New York was expected to reveal himself as the Messiah of teh Jews, and died instead.  I got a full God.  Must be due a payrise and a promotion.

    How do we get a cable show?
    How do we get charitable status?
    How do we get suckers to send me money?
    Do I absolutely HAVE to wear a white suit?

    Oh and it would be handy if you could continue to communicate Your word via the www, rather than anything odd such as burning bushes etc.

    Arch-Pope Hussar

  7. LOL
    A modification of ‘My sweet lord’ to ‘My sweet Les’ is in order but it’ll take some thought, I think it was Sadie who reminded us of that song in the hindu woman thread

  8. Thanks Sadie.
    Coupla days ago I was thinking of the mantra and couldn’t recall the 3rd line.
    I made the usual thought noises: She’ll be right, mate … knowing that in a short time the answer would be revealed (I wasn’t interested enough to look it up).
    It took so long I’d almost forgotten I’d asked.

    Back in the 80s whilst I was straight = not self-medicating, and hunting for peace for my fractured selves I used to do at least ten rounds of the mantra a day – sometimes 20 and 30 just to settle my head and manage the mess – a round was 108 beads.
    So when I couldn’t think of the 3rd line I was mildly bemused.  wink

  9. I am highly amused. And it is good.

    Sean, most of the Christians who hang around here regularly are the sort that I have no problems with, which means they’re the sort that’d take a thread like this as the jest it’s meant to be. The ones that are the most likely to explode tend to be drive-by commenters.

    Which is probably best for their health.

  10. Damn- where are the fundies up for a fight when you need them.  Can we not corral them from the Nancy Putz, I mean Grace thread and get them all pissed off here?

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