Hotdoll - The sex doll for your dog.

Got a dog with an overactive sex drive? Need something to distract him away from humping the hell out of your leg that won’t end up pumping out puppies by the pound in short order? The folks over at Feel Addicted have the answer you’ve been looking for.

It’s called the Hotdoll and it’s a sex doll for your dog. Now your playful pooch can hump away without fear of anything other than perhaps a nasty case of blue balls.

Though it appears this is purely conceptual at the moment as there doesn’t appear to be any information on pricing or where you might actually be able to purchase one of the plastic bitches, but I’m sure it won’t be long before this, or something quite like it, becomes a reality. It’s such an obvious solution it’s amazing no one has tried selling one already.

Found via Gizmodo.

14 thoughts on “Hotdoll - The sex doll for your dog.

  1. We could definitely use one of those, even though Alfalfa’s drives appear to be triggered by John’s scent. If we could just douse the doll with his pheromones…

  2. I hope it’s easy to clean out (ie disposable cylinder). May have difficulty selling it in walmart/tesco.

  3. May its just my crude sense of humor, but that is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen.

  4. Fuck a duck, dog!
    Two less legs and it’s a duck.

    Leave that one out in the living room for visitors to see…

  5. The Google Ads next to this are priceless.

    God’s way to Date.
    Teach Sex Education.
    Teach Abstinence.

    Which to click… which to click…

  6. OMG….my cat so needs this.  He has been going after this stuffed rabbit for weeks now.  He keeps trying to mount it and gets frustrated when the rabbit has no where to ‘recieve’ anything.

  7. He keeps trying to mount it and gets frustrated when the rabbit has no where to ‘recieve’ anything.

    I take it the frustration is amusing, or else you’d take an exacto knife and “set” the rabbit to “receive”?

  8. LOL,—URL Deleted—Enough said!

    I would show this site to the owner of my store, but then we might stock it.

  9. Timmeh, it doesn’t do me any good to delete spam if you’re just going to quote it in your reply.

  10. Yeah Timmeh, he can get rather pissed off when you do that…..

    However, I don’t think it was spam seeing as it’s somewhat related to the topic.

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