Gay hate church to picket gun rampage funerals

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The Westboro Baptist Church has announced they will picket the funerals of the 32 victims of the shooting spree at Virginia Tech. The church are notorious for their anti-gay views, and often protest at the funerals of American military personnel killed in Iraq.

I especially appreciated the advice by grolaw (#10) under Richard Dawkin’s posting of the article:

Whatever else they may be, I have found one easy way to make them go away – engage any of them (though the younger women are easier targets) and discuss how difficult it mist be to have to travel so far to give their message. That hotels are expensive – how do they afford to come to XXX place and tell us the truth. Invariably you will hear how they travel together and how the women and men are segregated in different hotel rooms.

Ask if it isn’t difficult to be separated from spouse and the response is always “no” not when doing “god’s work” – ask if spouse is in the other hotel room and spouse always is (these people are all extended family of Fred Phelps).

Then point out that it seems very gay to segregate married couples into “boys and girls” at the hotel. Act shocked as you realize that this is a gay hate group masquerading as straight and tell them that they should read their own signs!

I’ve had several of them run away from me – and I never raised my voice or gave them any reason to believe that I wasn’t on their side until I point out the implications of their strange lifestyle. They are so homophobic that they simply can’t take any analysis that suggests they might be gay!


19 thoughts on “Gay hate church to picket gun rampage funerals

  1. I fear sooner or later Phelps and his dupes will press the wrong buttons in someone and themselves be the victims of lethal violence.  And what’s truly scary is that they’ll probably be happy to be “martyred.”

  2. I fear sooner or later Phelps and his dupes will press the wrong buttons in someone and themselves be the victims of lethal violence.

    And as weird as I may sound, I don’t want that to happen … although if it did happen I’d be the first to say: as you sow, so shall you reap.

  3. There are 72 WBC.  How many more are there who oppose them.  Organise a protest outside their family gatherings- lots and lots of people: Christians could ask them to embrace Christ’s messages of love, Gays could ask them to come out of the closet (statistically 4 of them will be gay), logicians could engage them- why does God kill non gays because of his hatred for Gays.

    AND KEEP DOING IT. There must be enough people to work a rota system! Every day!

  4. What’s worse? Ignorance or apathy? I don’t know and I don’t care.
    Being an Australian I know a bit about Apathy but bugger all about Ignorance.

    Anyway, Apathy is why xians won’t do the gather thingy outside WBC and I couldn’t care less or is that I could care less? Could I care less? No I couldn’t. That must mean I couldn’t care less. Does that make me apa … ?
    Ah fuck it. Who’s winning the footy?

  5. Being an Australian I know a bit about Apathy

    or at least you would, if ever you got round to researching it.

    {know} bugger all about Ignorance.

    I’m not sure if this is a cunning pun, or just a boast!

  6. Sorry LH; another Ozism – ‘bugger all’ equates to ‘fuck all’.
    And I just researched Apathy; all the world’s problems are caused by not enough of it.

  7. ‘bugger all’ equates to ‘fuck all’.

    I know that because we use it.  Think- “I know nothing about knowing nothing” is what you said equates too.

    I almost put a link to Apathy, and then I thought “Why bother”.

    I was going to explain boredom- but it just didn’t interest me.

  8. I know nothing about knowing nothing

    Ah yeah – aren’t I clever?
    It’s always the best joke, isn’t it?
    Your joke that you didn’t know you cracked till someone else explained it to you.
    About as silly as knowing nought about knowing nought; I wonder if that’s different to knowing everything about knowing nothing.
    Like, I know I’d still know nothing but it’d be about something rather than nothing even though it was nothing about which I knew.

  9. Killing the members of the Westboro Church. While I admit the idea does indeed sound like a great deal of fun, I won’t be pulling the trigger anytime soon. That is not to say that I, nor anyone else for that matter, am not capable of doing so. I would rather not. I do, however, believe that it would be a justifiable public service.

  10. Organise a protest outside their family gatherings- lots and lots of people…

    I’ve been trying to do that for months, to be honest, but the one day they were actually picketing the funeral of a local boy who died in Iraq in my own town, I missed it. They rarely announce their events more than a few days in advance, so they’re easy to miss.

    My goal is the same as what I imagine Freddie boy likes to do: try to piss them off enough enough that they attack me. Then they’re definitely in the wrong. Part of the plan was to rally the troops from our local GLAAD chapter.

    I’m still on the lookout…

  11. I wonder if they’d sign up to go to iraq, they might get shot at that way but war isn’t so personal and may not give the same satisfaction, still they could go on hate rampages themselves. At least they don’t appear to view killing gays as god’s work yet but such groups are bound to form. I’ve heard the family at the center of WBC excomunicates family members who leave the church or who don’t participate, so the extremities of the family might not necessarily agree with the view of WBC but be somewhat forced, either way it could create a lot of inner tension and the killing may be internal, perhaps.

  12. Gee, I dunno about putting an American uniform on any of the WBC whackos and sending them overseas with a gun.  Our country has enough of an image problem as it is.

    Not that I don’t see the amusement value of those zobos wetting their pants in a full firefight, though!  LOL

  13. wonder if they’d sign up to go to iraq

    Wouldn’t need anyone else- True Christians, don’t get shot remember!  They could stride across the battlefield, bullets bouncing off their manly hairy chests (go on someone- say it).

    My goal is the same as what I imagine Freddie boy likes to do: try to piss them off enough enough that they attack me.

    Interestingly, for people who reject the legitamacy of the US government, their website makes it quite clear they will report threats to the FBI. “They’re evil evil evil people- but I want them to protect me- wahhhh I’m a little baby”

  14. Thinking on it xians in iraq might best be bundled into a group sort of accountable for it’s own actions, like Templars v2. They would do bad things but they wouldn’t hesitate if they believed in what they were doing, so they could be carefully manipulated where the only people they really can hurt are militants and the regular army does the policing and handling the civies.

    Xianity might add morale to a big fight but importantly xians are probably going to fear death more (for hell) than any jihadists they’re fighting, so the tactics might be more cautious and a little cowardly. I also wonder if the xians would implement stealth and organised tactics as effectively as the enemy or regular army. I would expect some time in the future individual xians might travel to the middle east on a personal crusade of hate rampage.

    More extreme would be to give guns to our murderers and release them into an insurgent stronghold (iraq) or taliban den (afghan), if they escape after it’s nolonger our problem, if they get killed then again, nolonger our problem. They would have little inhibition to killing and it could free prison spaces, but as with the xians they have to be carefully placed and quietly released so you get the results you want with minimum association.

  15. bullets bouncing off their manly hairy chests (go on someone- say it).

    What? … and that’s just the women.?.

    Maybe more of this needs to be done.
    Sure, it’s Australian but I’m sure there’s one amongst y’all who has no pride.

    Someone needs to come up with buku money and have a trained rep and camera in every town – have The Funniest Fundie Phelps show.
    Theses clowns are made for laughing – the problem in US is that religion in respected and therefore sacrosanct.

    Gandhi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  16. Me: Maybe more of this needs to be done.

    I forgot to add this link; it was sitting up there crying out for attention and I forgot it cos I caught up with Australiana.
    It’s quite good. 😀

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