First Freedom First.

I’ve been meaning to write up something about the folks over at First Freedom First for some time now as I’ve been on their mailing list for awhile and I think it’s worthy of mention, but, as with a lot of things, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Then I came across the following video clip over at Boulder Dude’s blog and I realized I could let them speak for themselves:

This weekend they’re having a Blog Against Theocracy event that I may try to participate in if I can think of anything to write about it.

3 thoughts on “First Freedom First.

  1. Agreed, but if they do start discriminating, it’s an easy thing to lie about given that you don’t believe there will be consequences for lying. Also categorisation of beliefs is a factor in this – if the packages were broken down into their individual components and everyone was flexible there would be too many versions to have clear favouritism.

  2. Despite living in a country with an established religion, there are laws protecting my right to belief.  If that social worker was refused a job here (especially if she was in a Trade Union) the employer would get a right kicking from a tribunial.

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