EMI drops DRM and ups the quality on digital music files.

Elwed dropped me a note with a bombshell from the folks at EMI. Seems they just put out a press release stating their plans to drop the DRM from their digital music files while also upping the sound quality.

Eric Nicoli, CEO of EMI Group, said, “Our goal is to give consumers the best possible digital music experience. By providing DRM-free downloads, we aim to address the lack of interoperability which is frustrating for many music fans. We believe that offering consumers the opportunity to buy higher quality tracks and listen to them on the device or platform of their choice will boost sales of digital music.

“Apple have been a true pioneer in digital music, and we are delighted that they share our vision of an interoperable market that provides consumers with greater choice, quality, convenience and value for money.”

“Selling digital music DRM-free is the right step forward for the music industry,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “EMI has been a great partner for iTunes and is once again leading the industry as the first major music company to offer its entire digital catalogue DRM-free.”

This is great news for music fans and hopefully will lead to other companies following in their footsteps. Kudos to EMI for taking the lead.

2 thoughts on “EMI drops DRM and ups the quality on digital music files.

  1. It’s been in the rumor mill for some time.  EMI even denied it once, so of course I had to think it might be true. smile

      I think it’s a test.  Apple’s been after EMI for a little while for this because EMI is easier to leverage, but if Apple starts making a lot of money on this (and all indications are that they will) you can bet Mr Reality-Distortion-Field Jobs will force it on the others and they’ll all go the same route.  They’ll have to chose between DRM and profits.  I don’t think they’ll have too much trouble deciding that.

  2. Where to start ? A few weeks back my laptop went down, I took it in…Long story short, I have a new Gateway Laptop with Vista Home Premium. So the old computer ( HP ) had Apple’s I Tunes. The new computer had to be tweaked to accommodate as Vista hated the program. I also move the music betweeen Apple and Windows Media. It’s nearing 2GB. If it gets sent back on CD to Itunes, it is yours. You can reproduce it as much as you want. Not that I do….I have an MP3.

    I recently tried out (MTV’s URGE ) 2 or 3 week trial. They said I could keep the music, but could not reproduce it to CD. Last night my MP3 called it quits, it seems they put a timer on the your song and it dies. It also ate some of my music up that was moved into the files with the trial music. These music executives really suck so bad. They care only about themselves. They make it sound like they are trying to protect the artist ( Bullshit ) Jim Morrison was dead 90 days after L.A. Woman released. So WTF.. If anyone can beat these fucks at thier own game, I say more power to you.

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