All good things must end: “Red vs. Blue” will cease with 100th episode.

Well shit. This is a bit of a bummer:

Producing RvB and getting to know the people who watch it have been two of the greatest joys of my life. That’s why we wanted to let you all know first that Episode 100 is going to be the last installment of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. One hundred is a great number, and it seems like the perfect place to call it a show. I am sure you have some questions about our plans for the series and beyond. We will be talking about all of that in the weeks and months to come, but I want to use this time to thank all of you for nearly half a decade of support. For now, it’s back to work. From the recent developments in the storyline, you may have noticed some loose ends coming together and we have a lot to wrap up in the last seven videos. We hope you will love them as much as the first seven or the middle seven or whatever it was that initially drew you to the world of Red vs Blue.

I’ve long enjoyed the antics of the Red vs Blue machinimas and I’ll be sorry to see the series come to an end, but hopefully it means the guys at Rooster Teeth Productions will be moving forward and working on bigger and better projects.

2 thoughts on “All good things must end: “Red vs. Blue” will cease with 100th episode.

  1. Not unless they are running the gag out to 46 pages of forum replies and 4 days duration.  Looks like they are rapping up RvB production.

    I have the first three seasons on DVD, but have not watched a single clip since then.  I enjoyed season one’s heavy gaming references/mockumentery feel.  Season two onward began to feel more and more like a sitcom – a reasonably well done machinema sitcom to be sure, but a sitcom in any case.

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