Yahoo! announces their webmail storage will now be unlimited.

When Google first launched their Gmail service with a whopping 2GB of storage space way back when it stunned a lot of people. Up until that point most webmail services offered you only a couple of megabytes at the most for free and perhaps a doubling if you were willing to cough up some cash. After the splash Google made with their announcement everyone else played catchup and that included Yahoo! which started offering 1GB for free and 2GB for a monthly fee.

Now as Yahoo! Mail is set to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary (man it’s hard to believe it’s been around that long) they’ve decided to out do Google by offering unlimited storage for Yahoo! Mail users:

As Yahoo! Mail approaches its 10-year anniversary, I’m the lucky one who gets to announce that we will begin offering everyone unlimited email storage starting in May 2007. To mark the occasion, I checked in with David Nakayama, our group vice president of engineering, for some perspective on this milestone. In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the developer of RocketMail, one of the world’s first webmail products, which Yahoo! acquired and relaunched as Yahoo! Mail in 1997.

Dave reminisced: “I remember getting in a room to plan our RocketMail launch over a decade ago and worrying that our original plan of a 2MB quota wasn’t enough, and that we needed to be radical and DOUBLE the storage to 4MB per account! It’s ironic that I routinely send and receive individual mail attachments bigger than that now. Our total capacity for mail accounts back then was 200GB for all of our customers. At Yahoo!, we’re now receiving more inbound mail than that every 10 minutes.”

When Yahoo! Mail launched 10 years ago, users got a whopping 4MB of storage for their entire mailbox. Today, you would fill that up with a single picture from your weekend.

This is pretty impressive when you realize that Yahoo! Mail is the largest of the offerings with over 250 million global users compared to’s 228 million and Gmail’s 51 million users. That’s a lot of hard drive farms. If you’re a Yahoo! Mail user who’s been grousing over the cramped storage space lately then your prayers will be answered come May.

4 thoughts on “Yahoo! announces their webmail storage will now be unlimited.

  1. I used to have a Yahoo mail account.  But once my sister introduced me to Gmail, I never looked back.  I still have yet to find any email client including Moz Thunderbird that can compare to Gmail.

  2. We have been talking about Yahoo! a lot over at Highbrid Nation. You gotta admit they have really stepped up thier game against Google. As these big companies battle it out, it just means better products for us smile

  3. I’d use yahoo mail if I could get an email address that even close to my real name without a bunch of extra crap. I’m sorry, but I don’t really want
    [name]+[zipcode|currentyear|birthyear|etc.] as my email address.

  4. Any details on how they intend to pull it off?  My Yahoo account is still 20% ful so it hasn’t affected me yet.  What would be more helpful than unlimited space is larger capactiy to send e-mails.  These 10MB file size limits sending and receiving are irritating.

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