UK launch of PS3 nets gamers free HDTV.

If you were one of the British Sony fanboys who camped out to be the first to get a PS3 when it launched in London then you ended up with a nice bonus for your loyalty. Sony gave out a free 46” HDTV to every gamer that waited in line:

At the head of the queue, 17-year-old Ritatsu Thomas said the giveaway and PS3 had been worth the 36-hour wait.

He said: “I feel fantastic. I’m delighted that everyone here also gets a television.”

“High definition is very important to people,” said Ray Maguire, head of Sony Computer Entertainment in the UK.

“A lot of people have bought flat panel TVs and they want content to go on it and PlayStation 3 is one of the few places they can get that kind of experience.”

Mr Maguire said the TV giveaway in the UK was a reward for gamers’ patience.

Now that’s definitely one way to make folks feel better about that $600 price tag. It doesn’t hurt that the Blu Ray pack in for the UK launch was Casino Royal which beats the shit out of Talledega Nights pack in Americans got.

6 thoughts on “UK launch of PS3 nets gamers free HDTV.

  1. Admitedly i saw the reason for HDTV when i saw viva pinyata being played… sooo pretty.

    Anyway back to my main post, does anyone actually want a PS3?

    I presume some people must… Mainly i want a WII but now i’m tempted by a 360 in addition, (yep when i got the money and all…)

    But i have absolutely no wish to own a PS3.

  2. A 46” would’ve cost over £1k alone, and despite currency rates £1 in the UK seems to be not that much more in buying power than $1 in the USA. (to give an idea petrol in UK about £1/L or about £4.2/gal, but the taxes are different)
    I’ve seen PS3 advertised with a couple of games for about £520ish

  3. Lots of people want a PS3, but a lot of them can’t justify the price tag — I’m certainly one of those people. I loved my PS1 and I love my PS2 and I have no doubts I’d love owning a PS3, but until I hit the lotto or land a job that pays over $100,000 a year I simple can’t justify spending $600 on it, especially as there’s nothing out for it, yet, that I feel I have to have.

    The Wii has been described as “two GameCubes duct-taped together” and given a funky controller and I’d tend to agree with that assessment, but the main reason that I’m not inclined to buy one is the same reason that I wasn’t inclined to buy any of the previous Nintendo consoles. There simply isn’t anything out for it that I have to have. Zelda does nothing for me, Mario can piss up a rope. I almost bought a GameCube to play Resident Evil 4, but I wanted there to be more than one game I wanted to buy and it turned out that RE4 came out for the PS2 eventually anyway.

    I’ve considered buying an Xbox 360, but my main issue with it is the same as with the Xbox. It’s mainly a gussied up PC and I already have a gaming PC. It doesn’t help that most of the titles that have held any interest for me were ported to the PC in short order. The one big one on the 360 that I’d like to play, Gears of War, is coming to the PC so I’ve got no real reason to buy a 360. It also annoys me that Microsoft wants to charge a fee for online play.

    So, yeah, I’d love to have a PS3 despite all the stupid things Sony’s done lately. It’s still the one console that most directly appeals to my gaming tastes.

  4. Well…I recently took the plunge and bought a PS3. Some dude bought two at launch and tried to flip them for cash…he couldn’t so he sold me one three months later, unopened, in the box with a receipt for $600 CAD cash. Saved me $200 and it’s still under warranty.

    Les, I think your instincts are right about the X360. I have a few friends who have them and overall the PS3 is a far better piece of hardware. It’s really slick…and QUIET. The thing with the X360 is that you are instantly tied to all of M$ bullshit accessories. You want wifi? Buy the M$ adaptor. You want a bigger HDD? Too bad. You want a headset? Give Bill your $. You want to save your progress in the games? Buy the M$ 512 MB memory card for like $50. None of these problems exist with the PS3 and you get a Bluray player included.

    Now with the PS3, since it supports Bluetooth…you can attach any bluetooth keyboard and mouse, any bluetooth headset, any 2.5” SATA HDD (it even tells you how to do it in the manual – I just added a 160GB drive) AND you can install Yellow Dog Linux on the beast if you want to dual boot it. I use the PS3 to stream music and movies to my PSP and it works perfectly anywhere in the house.

    So, now that I’ve talked myself into buying one again…I can also vouch for the fact that the games really are top notch. I just snagged Oblivion Shivering Isles today…and I’m hooked, pretty much the most graphically impressive game I’ve ever played. Motorstorm as well, is quite frankly, the best and most fun driving game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played pretty much all of them. I doubt we’ll see a price cut on the PS3 in North America this year. But, considering the alternative (X360) I really do think the PS3 is a good deal once you consider all the hardware that’s included (wifi, bigger HDD, memory card reader, bluetooth, hdmi, bluray etc etc). It is lacking in a couple areas (no customizable in-game music yet), but Sony seems pretty committed to firmware updates (we just got a good one yesterday) so maybe we’ll still get it. Anyone who has a high end gaming PC can pretty much experience that in your living room now on either system. For my money, the PS3 is the better purchase because it’s more well constructed, and I’m used to the PS2 style controller. I think in the long run, more and better exclusive games will appear on the PS3…and online gaming is free (vs. $50/year with M$).

    As for the over all price ($600+ for a system) I would say it’s still a good deal. These games look so fucking good. It is such a huge leap compared to what console games were capable of last generation. Wireless controllers, CD ripping that connects to the All Music Guide for album info, folding@home on PS3, onboard web browser, game downloads,  hdd drives, networking with the PSP, free seamless online play, truly stuff I never dreamed about when I first got into video games…Factor in the inclusion of a Bluray player and there’s a lot of future proofing in that price tag.

    Draw your own conclusions of course, but I have very very few complaints about my PS3. And…I already have a gaming PC, so an X360 really would have been a waste of money.

  5. I would consider giving up a pinky finger for a PS3…

    If that gives you any indication as to my desire for a PS3, but my current monetary status for purchasing one.

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