True Believers™ turn “Monopoly” into “Inheritance” Bible game.

Remember my little rant a few days back about the Christianizing of popular things? Well here’s another example of it in action. The Inheritance Bible game:

The Inheritance board game teaches the Seven Pillars of Wisdom as revealed and celebrated by King Solomon (Prov.9:1) In a new game play combining the mechanics of Monopoly® and Parcheesi, Biblical Wisdom is acquired in a Christ centered game of interactive family fun. Staged in the land of Ancient Israel and based on the territories of the tribes during the reign of King Solomon, players trade, hug, pay tithes and make offerings for the poor as the strategy to success. The inheritance of the promised Kingdom is learned as the winner ascending to the center of the board, likened unto the New Jerusalem, rings the game bell and announces “Worthy is the lamb” celebrating Christ as the Lamb of God. (Rev. 5:11). Everyone wins, for as it is written; “Happy is the man who finds wisdom” (Prov.3:13) No prior bible knowledge is required.

Wisdom has been the quest of mankind from the dawn of the creation, Psalm 90:12 beseeches “teach us to number our days so that we may apply our hearts unto Wisdom” Inheritance is more than a board game, it reveals the secrets of the seven pillars of Wisdom as revealed by God to King Solomon. Kings and Queens came from afar to hear the Wisdom of Solomon, and now made for such a time as this; Wisdom comes to you, her children, teaching her ways in a Christian board game. Your loved ones will have fun together learning and rehearsing life’s real values in the things that please God. Prepare your loved ones as wise virgins rehearsing the elements of how to make Godly decisions, and every time the family sits down to play. Yes, once again God has chosen the weak things of this world to confound the mighty, the simple things of this world to confound the wise, because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and no man had imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him… His secret Wisdom.

If you are seeking an alternative to the violence, witchcraft and worldly values being imparted to your loved ones, if you are looking for affordable Christ centered family entertainment, imparting inspired biblical values, then your search is over.

First off I want to know which version of of Monopoly has the violence and the witchcraft in it as that’s one version I’d love to play.

Supposedly this plays just like Monopoly only instead of trying to crush the other players into financial ruin you’re all trying to help the poor. An admirable goal to be sure, but it strikes me as odd that you’d want to promote the idea of helping the poor as some sort of competition. Wouldn’t you be able to help even more poor people if you cooperated rather than competed with each other?

Of course that’s beside the point. The point being that this is another way to indoctrinate your kids while attempting to be as fun (and failing) as the original thing that it’s ripping off copying and shining up with Jesus polish. So far this is the only product from the folks at Jawbone Productions, an apt name if ever I saw one, but I’m sure they’ll find other classic board games they can Christianize before too long. Perhaps they’ll try to tackle Hasbro’s Battelship next time. I can’t imagine how you’d Christianize it, but I’m sure they’ll think of a way.

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7 thoughts on “True Believers™ turn “Monopoly” into “Inheritance” Bible game.

  1. Anyone here ever player Magic: the Gathering?  They ripped that to, they call it Redemption and I didn’t really get the point of it.  Hell, even the father of the kid that had the cards told me how the crads just caused loads of arguements at home.  This stuff should be outlawed, like the mormons who censored films and rented them out.

  2. Why didn’t I think of that board game? Just not cynical enuff, I guess.

    As I’ve said, there’s good money in religion, if you can keep a straight face.  LOL
    I’m waiting for them to bring out xian Fords and GMs and seeing if they have less accidents … or xian Chess or Checkers … or xian mcnuggets to see if they cause less o!-fucking-mcbesity.

  3. Not quite on topic, but whenever I saw one of those WWJD bracelets/necklaces/tags/bumperstickers/what-have-you, I always had a powerful urge to go up to the person and say, “Jesus wouldn’t spend money on tacky shit.  He’d give it to the poor. That’s what Jesus would do.”

  4. LOLOLOLOL… Do they still have ‘Get out of Jail Free’ cards? Seems only likely…

  5. How about Christianizing “Cthulu”?  We can only hope that it would be like matter and antimatter colliding.  Unless it also wipes “Cthulu” out of existence, of course.  That would be bad.

  6. Perhaps they’ll try to tackle Hasbro’s Battelship next time

    LOL Each boat could have a missionary attempting to convert the heathen opponent, which they naturally will do with complete success as soon as they identify where they are
    And then you can bring in the moses(?) special unit to seperate the water, resulting in the heathen side being cut off from ever hearing of god’s love and so therefore will be maliciously smited by his vengence and cast to hell for eternity, giving victory to the other side. Any converted units join the side of the converter.

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