Trailer for “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” hits the net.

The last of the three Pirates movies will be out on May 25th and the trailer is up on the official website. Disney, however, has learned well the lessons of YouTube and have graciously provided a means of embedding the trailer right here at SEB:

Chow Yun Fat is in this one? Damn, that’s one I’ll have to make plans to go see.

5 thoughts on “Trailer for “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” hits the net.

  1. You know, I think POTC is the “Star Wars” and “Raiders” of this generation.  FUN movies are back.  Not serious, socially redeeming, or boring.  Not trashy and brain-dead.  Just great swashbuckling fun.  Even my parents liked the first one.

    And only Johnny Depp could make an extreme lack of personal hygiene sexy. wink

  2. Yep—I caught myself grinning ear-to-ear the moment Captain Jack appeared in the first movie.  Just because there was so much promise in that mad-weasel look in Depp’s eyes.  wink  The bit of dialog from the trailer (“You’re mad!”  “If I weren’t, this probably wouldn’t work.”) is definitely quote-of-the-week material.  Thanks, Les!

  3. Yup,I love tose movies and i’m particularly glad to see captain Barbossa back in the last one … I like him best wink

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