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Real sugar in carbonated beverages.

I really do not care for soda of any kind, and stay away from it as much as possible, but this entices me a bit.  Coca Cola made from real cane sugar, the way it used be.  Something they stopped doing by the time I was 3.  So really I have never tried soda made with real sugar ever.  I know there are other companies out there that produce soda made from real sugar, but with the Coke product I have something to compare the real sugar version to, the corn syrup version.  Maybe I will do a blind taste test and report back my findings…

From the site above:

In April of 1985, the Coca-Cola company announced that it was re-formulating its flagship carbonated drink, which to the horror of Coke fans everywhere, included a switchover to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Soon, the rest of the soft drink industry followed suit, and the classic taste of cane sugar-based sodas became practically extinct. Today, only a few small boutique soft drink companies still make sodas with refined cane sugar (or sucrose, made from sugar beets) a costly ingredient when compared with HFCS — but true carbonated beverage connoisseurs know and can tell the difference, as corn syrup has a characteristically cloying sweetness when compared to refined sugar. For nostalgic Coca-Cola lovers, unless you live in a foreign country that classic taste is but a distant memory.

Every late March and early April, for the two to three weeks leading up to the celebration of the Jewish Passover holiday season in the United States, Coke fans living in major metropolitan areas with large Jewish populations get their Real Thing, if only for that brief fleeting period. According to Jewish law, nothing made with chametz (any of a number of proscribed cereals and grains, including corn) during passover may be consumed — so in order not to lose sales from observant Jews during that eight day period, a small number of Coca-Cola bottlers make a limited batch of the original Coke formulation, using refined sugar. Needless to say, stocks run out quickly and fans of Passover Coke have been known to travel many miles seeking out supermarkets with remaining caches.

So coke is only doing this for a 3 week period at most it seems.  Well, for them to switch their manufacturing process for a 3 week period is pretty interesting.  It gives some insight into just how much soda Americans consume.

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  1. Or you could just go to a Mexican/Latino grocer that imports the Latin American version of Coke, which is made with cane sugar not high fructose corn syrup.

  2. Down here in Texas, most smaller gas stations carry glass bottled Mexican coke. Every single one is made with real sugar. Good stuff when I feel like splurging.

  3. Bachalon beat me to the comment.  The Walmart nearby me in DFW had the Mexican coke.  Heard that some Mexican restaurants around here carried it too.

  4. Or you could just go to a Mexican/Latino grocer that imports the Latin American version of Coke, which is made with cane sugar not high fructose corn syrup.

    Very interesting. I’ll have to buy one from El Dorado for lunch tomorrow.

  5. I read an article about this in a paper over here in the UK recently (The Guardian). Apparently Coke over here has real sugar in it too (unless one buys Diet Coke). Not that I buy Coke anyway!

  6. you have to be careful about coke from mexico. I can’t remember which, but sometimes they’re mixed at the store with coke from chile, which doesn’t contain cane sugar. coke also tastes better in glass bottles. but I’ve been drinking the cane sugar stuff forever. totally worth it.

  7. Until I read the article bit, my immediate assumption about all this talk about coke was concerning ways of ingesting other things, I thought suger mixed in? maybe with an extract, not from a synthetic production smile

  8. Odd, but the first thing I thought of was “I wonder how much I could get for one on ebay”  smile

    but I’m not sure about their policy on food…

    On the other hand, who would mistake CC for food…? smile

  9. Or for a completely different twist, there’s always Sprecher’s root beer, which contains enough honey that you can taste it.  Bees are much kinder to the environment than sugar cane producers anyway…  wink

  10. I was never happy with Coca-Cola’s decisions to switch to high fructose corn syrup or plastic bottles, but since I’ve switched to drinking diet pop I’m no longer as committed of a Coca-Cola fan as I once was. Funny thing about diet pops is that once you get used to them you’re not as picky about which brands you drink.

  11. Funny thing about diet pops is that once you get used to them you’re not as picky about which brands you drink.

    Considering how bad many of them taste compared to their full leaded versions, you’ve lowered your standards enough that most brands can make it. wink

    Diet Dr Pepper would kick ass if they could come up with some non-caloric syrup to thicken it.  The watery taste is the catch for me.

  12. Alternatively, there are loads of recipes for making your own, yeast and all. Easy enough to get basic recipes for root beer, ginger beer, lemon-lime, etc. and the big thing about Coke would be tweaking the flavors to suit you personal taste. The dominant flavors are based on cinnamon and vanilla as well as caramel, and thus all pretty easy to customize.

    What’s more boutique than your own personal mix?

  13. I don’t have a clue what they actually put into Coke here in Saskatchewan sugar wise(the can says sugar/glucose-fructose), but I do know it tastes different from Coke I’ve had from the US Northwest, and I suspect its not simply a case of the water tasting different.

    One of the interesting things about Canadian soft drinks is that Mountain Dew up here doesn’t contain caffeine, due to some old law that limits caffeine in soft drinks to colas.

  14. I’ve been thinking about this and come to the conclusion that I must not understand capitalism all that well. Jewish people make up 2.85% of the US population (the percentage is higher in certain urban areas, but still fairly low). Observant Jews therefore make up an even smaller percentage of the population. Yet, so they don’t lose sales during an EIGHT day period to less than 3% of the population, they can release a special blend of coke!? How much Coke could the entire US Jewish population drink in 8 days!? Sure it is good marketing to accommodate people in this manner but how can it possibly be profitable? And there is no way they would lose that much potential profit if observant Jews stopped buy Coke for a little over a week!

  15. LH: Dandelion and Burbock

    Damn, LH, the least you could do is spell it correctly … luckily for me Google knows how it’s meant to be spelt even though they had a coupla references for Dandelion and Burbock.

    Anyway I rarely drink fizzy drinks so I had to buy a standard coke yesterday to find ours is sugar based.
    Half the bottle is still in the fridge. I’ll throw it out in coupla days.

    Even though this article suggests High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) was cheaper than Sugar this article suggests it may have been more to do with the tax issues on sugar.

    Personally, I think Sugar Vs HFCS thingy all had a helluva lot more to do with the US’s petulant attitude towards Cubans and their freeing themselves from Batista; Cuba used to be the main sugar supplier to US … before Castro.  wink

  16. red face
    I know. Sorry. The kid was bugging me to get on the computer “You ALWAYS say you will only be a couple of minutes, and then you take AGES”. I caught the mistake just as I hit submit. This is why in the real world (not these crappy electronic boxes) you get someone else to proof- You know what it says.

    The eye doesn’t see that much- the brain fills in a lot of blanks from expectation, which is why new visual experiences can throw you. (alternativly drink 1/3 bottle of port- I am checking this knowing I will have made cock ups)

  17. Under normal circumstances a regular making a spelling mistake is no big deal except in instances like you chose.
    I mean, what if there had not been other people (I was gonna say fucktards but decided not to lest you become offended wink  ) who made the same mistake … Google would have be uselessified.  smile

    Yeah, okay, I’ll caste a vote for Les as God.
    He couldn’t be any less interested in the job than the current one is but at least he writes back sometimes … nudge nudge.  LOL

  18. Back before the Cola wars, soft drinks were actually interesting.  I’ve heard about every type of cream soda under the sun before every small pop producer was shut down due to Pepsi and Coke.  I was really interested in the blueberry cream soda however that isn’t likely to happen while we are getting stuck with Coca-cola Blak!  Olden pop flavours were so much more imaginative than what they are making now. 

    The idea about making your own soda pop isn’t such a bad idea.  I wonder what a hot-sauce based carbonated energy drink would be like?  Always wanted to make “Hell in a can.”

  19. Anymore when I look at his picture Les has chosen for the site, I can’t help being reminded of Bill the Cat.

    I’m just a little concerned: Can a God be pop-eyed?

  20. Hell in a can!  Now that is something you could have fun marketing.

    A new energy drink made with habanero juice and Pat Robertson’s urine.  It makes steriods look like kiddie vitamins.

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