“Spore” still looks like a must have game.

The one game I’m most anticipating this year is Will Wright’s amazing Spore. There’s not been a lot of news about it since last year’s GDC other than the planned release date of sometime this fall. Will was at this year’s GDC though with a movie showing off the latest footage from every stage of the game and it’s still drool inducing:


7 thoughts on ““Spore” still looks like a must have game.

  1. Yes, saw that on Boing Boing last week and want it.  That it pulls creatures from other players and puts them in to your game looks like it could provide some intersting Sim situations.

  2. That looks awesome!  But I am still hoping we get a PS3 so I can get Little Big Planet.

  3. Not well. I have 1.5 weeks of unemployment left and I just got my first phone call today. It was from a recruiter that got my resume off of Monster.com and they didn’t have anything specific in mind for me yet, but wanted to get a better copy of my resume so they could see if there was anything I’d be a good match for. I literally just sent it out a moment ago after getting off the phone.

    In the meantime I’ve got applications in with the local Best Buy and Meijers and I’ll probably be applying with a bunch of other stores in the area if I see a help wanted sign.

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    P.s. I like the avatars on entries

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