Schick sells a razor that comes with headphones.

Have you seen this at the local grocery store? Apparently Schick has been bundling ear bud style headphones with various razors they sell for awhile now for reasons I can’t entirely comprehend. I see them every time I go shopping with the wife and I keep meaning to write about it, but would forget by the time I got home.

Today, however, I saw one package that offered not just headphones, but also a set of small folding speakers that you could plug into your MP3 player so others can enjoy your hot tunes while you’re shaving. At least providing speakers makes a little more sense than providing headphones because I don’t see how the hell you’re supposed to shave while wearing the headphones. You can at least set the speakers up on the counter and then shave without a couple of dangling wires getting in the way.

Slightly less weird is this combo of vodka and headphones from the folks at Absolut. Drinking and music has gone together for a long time so this doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable to me, but shaving and music?

Weirder still is that both of these promotions assume you have an MP3 player and that you need a new set of headphones/speakers for it, but haven’t bothered to actually go out and get it already. I’m curious how long it’ll be before we start seeing headphones paired up with, say, a can of peas or a new car battery or something else that totally doesn’t make any sense.

3 thoughts on “Schick sells a razor that comes with headphones.

  1. You are buying the ear-phones, the razor is free to get you hooked on quattro blades, have you seen the prices on refills?

  2. Vodka and handguns I can understand:  Like peanut butter and jelly, yo.  But not the headphones—that I don’t grok.  wink

  3. Yes, Shick does offer the headphones.

    A few months ago, I bought them on a whim. Okay, I’m hooked. They are the BEST headphones I’ve used.

    I’m trying to figure out who makes them so I don’t have to keep buying razors that I don’t need.  Plus I can’t find the offer anymore in my area.

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