Nostalgia time: Play Atari 2600 “Adventure” in your web browser.

In a day and age when adventure games now look like this:

Click for a bigger pic!

It can be easy to forget it all started with games like this:

Click to play!

That’s right you snot-nosed punk-ass kids. The above is what we actually spent our allowances on when we wanted an adventure game for our Atari console. We played it for HOURS in the SNOW, UPHILL, and we LIKED IT. I show kids like my daughter these games and she just laughs and laughs…

Click the image to go play Atari Adventure in your web browser and try not to get eaten by the three ducks dragons.

13 thoughts on “Nostalgia time: Play Atari 2600 “Adventure” in your web browser.

  1. Wow, that really took me back.
    Seems to be missing some elements, though. Like there was a white castle, and a bridge that let you go thru walls. Oh well…
    Man, I feel old, now.

  2. Did games like this come with some kind of text-based story? – or was it just that a certain type of game always required you to do certain stuff in order to gain access to the next bit

  3. Awesome link Les! I remember you could use the bridge to get behind the castle to a ‘blind’ maze where there was a secret dot you could find. The first ‘easter egg’ as they call them now.

  4. Hum, what? I think I fell asleep playing that.

    LOL, come on man are you that young you don’t remember the Atari or the old computer games.

    That definitely took me back, and I consider myself pretty young.

  5. Text based adventures before this…
    trying to work out the correct verb/noun combos amoung all the synonyms.

    You have a
    Wooden plank

    You see a

    > Jump Chasm
    It is too far to jump

    >Climb Chasm
    You can not Climb the Chasm

    >Scale Chasm
    I do not understand Scale

    >Use Plank
    You can not use the Plank

    >Use Wood
    I do not understand Wood

    >Make Bridge
    I do not understand Bridge

    >Put Wood
    I do not understand Put

    >Lay Plank
    You have made a bridge across the Chasm


  6. DC, the game came with an instruction manual that had some text attempting to provide a back story to the game, but that was about it. A lot of the early console games were very simple affairs that had a number of different options available by toggling the switches on the console.

  7. Thanks LH+Les, i can see imagination was part of the fun, whats interesting is how this has become less the case with time- more is absolutely defined, but good stories can combine graphics with imaginary reality, same for films- that interpret differently with perspective

  8. It’s incomplete.  That only allows you to play the first variation.  Variations 2 and 3 had the easter egg, other dragon and bat.  Disappointing but nostalgic fun nonetheless.

  9. Awesome! 

    For Quake III / Unreal – people made ‘Duck/Dragon’ skins and fought with them and machine guns.

    For the next Unreal 2007, I am going to make the ‘Hero’ Cube, complete with yellow arrow sword >—and use that as my fighting character.

    Maybe I’ll make the cube translucent with actual ADVENTURE screens shaded in at 30% – so if you stop and look at it, you realize it is the atari game character, but when you stop and look, you get pwned!

  10. GO ADVENTURE! 😀 also uncle whats the easter egg?!  I cant find it!  I think I know… when you change the tv you can sometimes go through the wall.

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