Is “Little Big Planet” the PS3’s killer app? And the PS3 gets a Home.

This past weekend held this years Game Developer’s Conference and there’s always something interesting there. Last year the buzz was all around Will Wright’s upcoming PC game Spore and this year it appears that Sony has managed to capture the crowd’s attention with an upcoming title for the PS3 called Little Big Planet. From the demo they did it appears it’s a combination of sandbox and platformer where you can make your own levels using simple built-in tools and then play them with friends and share them with the rest of the world over the Internet. It reminds me a bit of Gary’s Mod for Valve’s phenomenal Half-Life 2, but it’s hard to describe if you’re never seen that mod so I’ll let Sony’s developers do it instead:

The PS3 has been taking a beating from gamers and the press for quite awhile due to its high price tag and some of the hyperbole and just stupid comments from higher ups at Sony and it hasn’t helped that there really hasn’t been anything released for it yet that would qualify as a system seller. This is the first title to be shown that has people talking in glowing terms and Sony must be very happy about it.

In somewhat related news Sony also unveiled their answer to the Xbox 360’s Live service which Sony is calling simply “Home” and it appears they’re taking a page from the folks that make Second Life:

Of course human nature being what it is I can already see one big problem with both Little Big Planet and Home and that’s the fact that gamers can make use of their own media in both environments. You just know someone is going to put their collection of porn images on their PS3 and then plaster their “Home” environment with it and the possibilities provided by Little Big Planet for slapping naughty graphics all over the place are limitless. How Sony will address that issue, or if they even can, remains to be seen, but it’d be a shame if that sort of hurdle can’t be overcome as Little Big Planet alone looks like it could be a system seller for Sony.

4 thoughts on “Is “Little Big Planet” the PS3’s killer app? And the PS3 gets a Home.

  1. BLP- Cooler than a snowman’s frosty bits.

    Gotta win that lottery (because on top of the PS3 pricetag I am going to want a BIG telly, and a room to myself)

  2. I would one day like a PS3 but I’m not prepared to pay that kind of price or buy a high definition tv yet, I bought a PS2 last week (because they went down to £50), and will probably wait a similar time for PS3 – when the price drops on console, games and TV and I will also know if there is much in the way of interesting games

    For little big planet and home – it looks interesting and I like some open-endedness between doing things, but i think you need the option of having objectives and doing things – to go on missions and quests as and when you choose – I would soon get tired of a game with no missions because they are what make you engage with the game, otherwise before long you’ve done everything and there is not the same satisfaction in exploring a world created by yourself – it’s too predictable

    Open ended games like the sims, simcity, etc, give you a reason to do things – there are needs to be filled, money constraints, things you can unlock, and in the case of the sims, the option of career advancement – they give you a reason to aim for something and become more immersed – if there was no needs to be filled in something like the above 2 games or second life, there would be no point in, for example buying a bed or even owning a house – because it wouldn’t do anything that affects your ability to play the game and is hence irrelevant – second life give you the option of earning real money, which interests me, and a game like home would do well to have that option I think

    If the games are going to allow people to use their own images, there is nothing they can really do to prevent ‘inappropriate’ material because it takes a human to interpret an image. But then I think, what is so bad with children being exposed to some of this stuff – surely they will deal with fear or inhibitions to related issues earlier on, which can only be good – just like seeing violence on tv nolonger shocks the general public as it used to

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