GTA IV trailer hits the net.

It’s short, but oh so sweet.

Looks like the setting will be based on New York and the detail is amazing. The don’t say whether it’s running on an Xbox 360 or PS3, but it doesn’t really matter as it’ll probably look about the same on either one. Graphically it’s going to be a big jump over the previous titles as you’d expect it to be. Not much on what the story will be though they do list the release date as 10/16/07.

Here’s a little bitty version of it to check out:

I can hardly wait.


7 thoughts on “GTA IV trailer hits the net.

  1. Wow! Man, GTA just keeps getting better and better. I love that they chose New York as their city this time. From those shots, it looks like they pretty much mapped New York into GTA.

    I can’t wait to run a motorcycle on the tracks of that roller coaster. smile

    This is probably going to be a title that will be Vista only with DX10 when they finally get around to porting it to the PC.

    I’ve been looking hard into getting an XBox 360, but I may have to consider a PS3 too if this thing is goes that route. I don’t think I am going to want to wait for the PC port this time. I just hope that it’s not to hard to enter cheat codes. smile

  2. As I recall GTA III’s Liberty City was based loosely on New York so this a return of sorts, but damned if it doesn’t look a lot more like New York this time around.

    Take Two is having some interesting troubles these days, but I’d be surprised if it were to derail their biggest franchise.

  3. OK, I did play GTA III, but I would have never equated Liberty City with New York City. At least not like one can with GTA IV.

    I really wish they wouldn’t announce these titles so far in advance. I have this personality that wants things NOW! I have been dying for Spore and now I’m going to go nuts waiting for GTA IV.

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