SEB’s 2nd Official Use This Entry To Proselytize To Us So It Won’t Be Off-Topic Elsewhere Thre

Given the influx of True Belivers™ around here on various threads recently, it seemed like it was time to start up another open thread for those folks who are bound and determined to convince us godless heathens of the error of our ways. So, if you’re a True Believer™ that hopes to show us the error of our ways or you just want to angrily defend your belief system or what have you then please feel free to make use of this thread to post your views/rants/thoughts/comments/sermons/arguments from authority/appeals to emotion/or whatever it is you think you need to say.

56 thoughts on “SEB’s 2nd Official Use This Entry To Proselytize To Us So It Won’t Be Off-Topic Elsewhere Thre

  1. Repent or burn in Hell….oh wait…I am a True Believer but I don’t really care if you repent or not. Guess that makes me a bad True Believer.

  2. Well as long as you have that attitude about it, are you sure you really are one?

  3. RAMEN indeed my brother!  If ye not be touched by the noodly appendage, ye shall surely DIE!  Beer and strippers for everyone!

  4. The Sandman, that would make you a true believer with the little T and B and no trademark. Your kind doesn’t bother me at all. Believe what you want so long as you afford the same courtesy to others.

  5. Beer and strippers for everyone!

    Sweet!!  Now, to the boring details.  How do I make sure they bill you?


    Well I’ll be damned…
    I wonder what form of eternal doom I will go through for eating pot noodle

  7. I wonder what form of eternal doom I will go through for eating pot noodle

    Mmm, I don’t think you will, DC.
    I think you’ll find he’s a lot like the xian god and most women I’ve known – he loves being eaten.  LOL

  8. How do I make sure they bill you?

    Brother, according to the Book of Ramen, heaven is a wonderful place with a Beer Volcano, and a Stripper Factory.  However, if you do not believe in the the FSM, you won’t be getting in.  Sorry, I guess I mispoke…Strippers and Beer for everyone that believes in the FSM!

  9. Good question!  I don’t know, but if you pray to the FSM, he may touch you with his noodly appendage and give you the answer in a vision ((probably of an island with a dwarf, or something to do with pirates if you are lucky).

  10. Fine, ill play the bad guy, gime a sec…

    *puts on asshat robes*

    Psychics! Gargyoles! Everything is tainted!
    All is ungodly!!  I’m a god warrior! My god can beat up your god! Bleh!!!

    *takes off asshat robes*

    someone else do this, its more fun to watch.  Btw, thanks to whoever made the gif i got half of that stuff from.  Lata everyone.

  11. Yeah, but I guess we need to be slightly more circumspect in our goal of trapping them within our heathen atheist bolshevistic (ooooh, BIG word) webs…

  12. I am a true believer…I admit it. I was so sad the day I realized I wasn’t an arrogant ass that had to convert the world. (Dripping with sarcasm)

    The only god the True Believers worship is themselves.

  13. In some ways life would seem so easy and happy if we were able to abandon all logic and brainwash ourselves into being convinced that we were guaranteed heaven and didn’t have to go to all the hard work of learning stuff.

    Ignorance can be bliss, but the ignorant of feeling may be subject to each other, typically they fight but may develop an ‘i don’t care’ attitude once they are aware of what they are doing (like a psychopath) – i think you may have more impulse killings, vandalism and suicide if people stopped caring, but someone could conciously decide they would rather be an asshat and decide not to care. It’s strange to me why people do anything other than take the easiest possible route through life regardless of others – since you can block others out of your mind much more easily than your own feelings, why want to be a good person if there is nothing in it for me? I find that people caring for each other can put restrictive conditions on their independance, you may for example want to kill random people to let it all out but you don’t want the families to have to mourn – but if you wanted you could just say to yourself to ignore concience, and fuck the consequences

    p.s. i’m not considering actually doing this, it’s just my tense moments, i know that people are gonna die eventually and that prison would be uncomfortable – we are much more within society’s influence than vice versa, and it has the power to restrict personal freedoms when it considers something wrong regardless of your individual opinion

  14. “A society without religion is like a crazed psychopath without a loaded .45”
    – David Voth

  15. “A society without religion is like a crazed psychopath without a loaded .45”
    – David Voth

    I think Mr. Voth is saying that society is nuts, but religion is a weapon?  Anybody able to help me out here?  I must say I find this quote confusing.  I would have to ask though, who the hell is David Voth?  I did a Google search and it turned up some dude advocating off-shore investing.

  16. lmao!! so you waiting for something but you dont know what it is dpfool?? thats funny. i want to know what the ppl here think a true believer is. hope they reply

  17. still havnt awnsered the question. there is no shame in not knowing. if you dont know you just dont know. if you wanna shoot something down dont you think you should know what it is first? there is a differnce between a believer and a zealot. zealots try and force thier beliefs on others. believers just believing in somthing. so by definition that would make you believers.

  18. I would have thought the word ‘tautological’ would be a clue for you, PB, but apparently not.

    True Believer and Zealot are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, they tend to (but do not always) go together.

    There is a difference between believing something and knowing something.  People who believe they know what God thinks about this and that, without any more evidence than their spotty reading of ancient writ, are pretty far out on a limb epistemologically speaking.

  19. Yes, you hit it on the nose PitBoss, a True Believer (as opposed to your more generic “believer”) is a zealot.  However, when the True Believer refers to a “believer” I find they are only referring to those who share their own personal religious beliefs, not everyone who believes in something (that would be a ridiculous tag to put on anyone, since it applies to everyone). 

    Do Atheists “believe” in stuff? I can only speak for myself, but I believe in things like truth, love, justice, rationality.  I don’t believe in anything that has no quantifiable basis in reality, and the lack of belief in something does not qualify as a belief (is bald a hair color? Of course not, it’s a lack of hair). 

    Also, don’t confuse belief in something with faith in something.  I believe in things that I have evidence to support the existence of, but faith is belief without evidence. You can believe something exists without having faith in it’s existence, but without evidence, belief boils down to faith. 

    True Believers tend to have a ton of the faith, not so much of the reality supported beliefs.  That and they are intolerably unwilling to actually ever consider the views of other people, nor are they willing to consider that they might be incorrect. They also have an interesting tendency to relate everything that goes on around them and in the world to their beliefs even when there is no need for it, and they almost always work from the assumption that nobody else has ever heard what they insist on telling us.  Like there is no chance others were ever as full of faith and zeal for their magical buddy as they are, and they have this “good news” that nobody has ever heard before.  Some of them that have shown up here even refuse to believe that some of us actually were like them at one time (I am one of those that would have been considered a True Believer, or at least I did fit my definition of it.)  So in short, I think Zealot would be a more accurate definition, but True Believer is an easier tag to throw around, and has a little bit of irony in it since anyone that would qualify as such would no doubt be proud to wear the title, even though when we use it here, it’s not in any way positive.

    That’s my two cents on it, but it’s by no means definitive for this community.

  20. use smaller words please my thesaurus is having a hard time keeping up dpfool.. explain tauoloigal is?.. so i am judged a true believer without even knowing what i believe in elwe? who made up the “qualifiers” for what a true believer is anyway? and what are they exactly?

  21. aah bog brother thanx. your awnser makes sense and doesnt carry the prejuidce of the other comments. i have no time for zealots either. they are a disgrace to thier faith. or whatever they happen to believe in. thanx again for your awnser

  22. so i am judged a true believer without even knowing what i believe in elwe?

    It’s increasingly likely that you’ll meet a sufficient number of qualifiers. The exact nature of your beliefs is not one of them and therefore doesn’t need to be considered.

  23. Well keep in mind, that’s just my answer, it does not necessarily represent the views of anyone else here, and I fully agree with DoF and his big words.  I find that there is nothing shameful of having a large and complex vocabulary, nor is there any reason to be proud of having a simple vocabulary and being too lazy to look up words you don’t know or ask for further clarification. smile

  24. A tautology is a statement that is tautological.

    Other examples include “All brown objects are brown” and “A true believer truly believes.”  Asking for a definition of a tautology is just silly.  Tautologies define themselves.

    Did you come here to bandy definitions, or did you have something you wanted to talk about?  Maybe you wanted to tell us the Bible is the inerrant word of God?  The Earth was created in six days?  We’re all going to hell?  Or are you plagued by doubts of those things but have not admitted it to yourself yet?  Or are you perhaps an atheist and just trying to get a rise out of other atheists for some reason?

  25. nice… your just as judgmental as the christians and the jews and the muslims and the…. oh wait ppl are just judgmental so when someone judges you, you shouldnt climb on your high horse and think you better than them. your no better than these true believers you seem to dispise so much… so take it what ever way you want.. but lowering yourself to the same standard as them makes you one and the same.. a true believer zealot.. 

    btw i did look up the words.. but couldnt find them..

  26. Oh, you want us to be nice to you?  Why didn’t you say so in the first place? 

    Did you even read the content of Les’ post? 

    I repeat, was there something you wanted to talk about?

  27. nah.. i was just here to show you that not all believers are the same.. but you seem to carry a deep seeded hate for them.. i am a follower of jesus teachings.. not a a christian for the very same prejudice you display toward them… because the word christian is already put in a box and packaged.. just as non-believers are packaged and put in a box.. anyway my point is dont judge ppl because they judge you.. you will be a better person for it..

  28. i was just here to show you that not all believers are the same.

    This scenario has played out so many times it’s like a DVD player on ‘repeat’.  True Believer drops in to show us.  Encounters relatively benign response, answers back with hostility.  Is answered back with annoyance, accuses the group of being hateful and judgmental.  Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

    We already know all believers are not the same.  This particular thread (defined as “a blog post together with its comments) is for a certain kind of believer.  Into which category you seem to fit perfectly.

  29. i dont fit into your box.. no matter how hard you try squash me into it.. i am just making a point that if you hate someone they will hate you back.. its rather childish isnt it?.. i have no feelings of hostility toward you.. but you can belittle me all you want it wont change the facts.

    Your porvokation will be met with hostility as i have proven here.. so why provoke in the first place? what are you trying to prove? that your better than them? that you are right and they are wrong? funny enough they are trying to do the same thing.. so dont give me that crap about true believers and how dumb they are because your just a few steps behind them..

    i am a in general a hardass its got nothing to do with you or what you believe.. haha.. sorry if i offened you.. i seem to be good at that.. even the christans hate me..

  30. Glad I could help to feed and nurture the troll that you are all but now admitting to be PitBoss.  Thank you for revealing that you just came here to provoke a response, hope you got the lulz you were looking for.  Now I can safely ignore you.

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