Blizzard launches “The Armory” for pulling up info on WoW characters and such.

Now this is pretty cool. Blizzard has launched a new website that allows you to search for all sorts of information from their unendingly popular MMORPG World of Warcraft and they’re calling it The Armory.

Among other things you can use it to search for player’s character info. For example if you type in Balfour, which is the name of my main character on Durotan, you find that there’s around 5 pages of characters that match that name either in full or partial (say Balfourin). The list provides you with info on what server the character is on, their level, what race and class, and which guild their a member of. Looking at that we can see that my character is the second one listed and if you click on the name you get taken to my character sheet showing you all of my stats, skill levels, what armor I’m currently wearing, my talent build, and so on.

This is useful because there’s a fair amount of discussion in the WoW forums on things such as how to spend your talent points efficiently for different styles of the same class. For example I’m what is known as a Beast Master Hunter because most of my talent points are spent on that category of talents, but I do have some put into the Marksmanship talent tree as well. If someone wanted to see what how I spent my talent specs I could just give them this link right here and they can see exactly how I’ve set things up.

Additionally you can look up the various guilds in the game. I’m currently a member of a small guild called Carpe Diem. And lastly you can use it to look up Arena Teams, which players can form to participate in 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4, or 5 vs 5 combat for glory and in-game prizes. All of the data is pulled right from the game servers themselves so it’s always up to date.

Well, I thought it was pretty cool anyway.

7 thoughts on “Blizzard launches “The Armory” for pulling up info on WoW characters and such.

  1. Bah, stupid laptop -.-

    What I meant to finish saying there, is it depends on what toon I am using and which UI mod is updated to work on the current patch.

  2. You named your character after one of the idiots (from an admittedly long list of idiots) responsible for fucking up the middle east!?

  3. V. Samuels, I named him by hitting the “random name” button repeatedly until I got one that I could actually pronounce.

    Jynxed, I use a crap load of UI mods myself: Auctioneer, Gatherer, FuBar 2.0, Fubar AmmoFu, Fubar LocationFu, Furbar DurabilityFu,  Fubar ExperienceFu, Fubar MoneyFu, Fubar tcgTradeskills,  Atlas, Bank Items, Bonus Scanner, cMiniMapCoordinates, Damage Meters, Equip Compare, Pawn, GFW Hunter’s Helper, GFW Levelator, GFW Reagent Cost, Group Calendar, MobInfo 2, TheoryCraft 2, Recipe Radar, and WoW Instant Messenger.

    It’s a sickness, really.

  4. Sure I’m an addict. I’m just not a stupid addict. I like to savor the addiction, not rush through it and be left sniffing the table looking for whatever crumbs are left behind.

  5. Lol – even at 70 theres a bewildering amount of stuff left to do.For example,you need to be revered with all those factions to unlock Heroic instances .. *shudder*  wink

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