“Arcade ‘84” brings back the memories.

I graduated from high school in 1985 and some of the fondest memories I have from my teen years are the hours misspent hanging out at the local arcade. So it goes without saying that I got all nostalgic when I came across the following computer generated recreation of a classic 80’s mall arcade:

The animation was created by Dave Dries and has been around for awhile. He has higher resolution versions including an interactive Quicktime version at the CinemArcade website.

The arcade I spent most of my time in was called Aladdin’s Castle, part of a national chain that was owned by Bally, and it was a lot darker and cramped than what the video depicts. Five bucks got you 30 tokens and if you were any good you could spend the better part of an afternoon in there. I played just about every game shown in that animation and some of them I was actually pretty good at.

Time to dig out MAME and go a little old-school.

3 thoughts on ““Arcade ‘84” brings back the memories.

  1. You can get a front-end for MAME called 3D-ARCADE that emulates this look. Makes me miss those day…I graduated high school in 1990 and if I try hard enough I can remember the old arcade where I hung out in 3rd grade.

  2. I remember those dark packed arcades.  Minus the dance floor/video screens.  And less neon.  Going around the back side of the arcade was very dim.  I went back to that arcade after a while(early 90s), and the layout was more like the video, with less machines and lit a little brighter (likely due to the ball shooting games in the back wing).  Totally put me off my game mood. 

    Of course, packing the machines in like in the 80’s just maximized your profit per sq foot of leased space.  One of those things that just happened the way they did, and we’ll likely never see again.

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