Andrew Huang’s “Doll Face”

Thought this was pretty cool and thought provoking at the same time…

Found over at Pharyngula

3 thoughts on “Andrew Huang’s “Doll Face”

  1. It’s quite true – that existence can be a sad thing to start with, and that under these conditions people can get teased with ideas that that system doesn’t allow them to fulfil – like the xians saying you could go to heaven but you’ve got to be perfect beyond what life will allow you to be. I think it’s not an entirely bad thing that those systems do break you – it forces you to develop an alternative to entertain yourself with – like in this case a TV that won’t show expectations of you and by nature won’t move away from you, instead show you that you are OK as is or move closer to clarify what you need to do if it is truely a worthy cause. The TV moving back might also represent loss of clarity of the image someone wants to achieve, which can happen when someone’s restricted by the thought that something unimportant is very important (like people’s opinion of you) but you lose your sense of their opinion in the obsession and the panic is what breaks you, or a malicious blow which given no other information you take to be the general case

  2. I thought Andrew Huang did a remarkable job.

    For a moment she experienced the heights of joy … just before being shattered.
    Is that the same as the loser’s credo: it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?  smile

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