beta testing contextual links.

Most of you know that I’ve been a member of the Amazon Associates program for awhile now and when I do reviews of stuff I usually build in links to Amazon for folks interested in purchasing them. I’ve made a couple of bucks off these links, but nothing substantial and that’s fine as I never expected to get rich off of it.

Now they’ve just announced a new feature they’re offering Associates called Contextual Links. You’ve probably seen these on other websites, mostly tech news sites, but in case you haven’t what they do is scan the page for content and then will create links out of some words that point back to products. If you click a link I get a referral fee. It’s basically a lazy man’s why to monetize content.

I’m torn on whether or not to participate in the beta. On the one hand I wouldn’t mind having a way to earn a couple bucks off the content I put up, but on the other I’ve been on sites that use these links and they can be a tad annoying. So I’m looking for feedback from you regulars. Would you guys be upset if I participated in this program? I have no idea how many links would end up on any particular page, but the email I got on it said that I’d have the ability to limit how many links are made and even what parts of the content would be processed. Again, it’s not something I’d expect to get rich off of, but if it generated a couple of extra bucks every now and then that’d be a nice way to offset the cost of running the site.

I’ve considered applying for Google Adsense again, but they rejected me the last two times because I have naughty words on my site and I’m not entirely sure that’d be any less annoying. Anyway, I’d like your feedback on it. Let me know what you think.

8 thoughts on “ beta testing contextual links.

  1. I definitely think you should give it a try so I see how it works on your site before deciding whether to give it a try on *my* site.  grin

    I’m a bit reluctant to have another “author” creating links on my content, but I want to see the implementation before decided to go with it or not.  I’ve seen some very annoying implementations of similar stuff, and don’t want to be muttered at the same way.

  2. I say go for it.  But just so you know, I will have to kill you if you implement that annoying “Snap Preview”, where ever friggin link has a webpage preview. cool grin

  3. The thing that really annoys me with the snap preview is that most websites that run it seem to use it with random words.  So while snap preview is a great idea, when used for marketing purposes it just becomes a hug annoyance.  At least for me.

    But then again most of the sites I visit that have it running are tech sites.  And it’s annoying to be forced to keep my mouse on the outside of where the text is written as I scroll through the article.  Otherwise, you get snap previews of links to websites that have nothing to do about the article.

    It’s things like this that bring out the 80 year old grumpy man within me…

  4. Ah, okay. I’ve never run across it used that way. I use it on my site, but only on links I’ve created, I don’t have any of those random links. That would be really annoying.

  5. I think anyone reading this site should support you in trying to monetise it, especially considering your current financial situation. Do what you have to to keep it running.

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