A misspent weekend learning to fly.

Yes I’ve been bad and neglected SEB for the past couple of days. The reason is simple: I was within reach of level 70 and got wrapped up in making the final push to the goal and obtaining my flying mount for use in Outland. Here’s a shot of me taking it for a test flight:

Click to embiggen!

I have to admit that flying in the game is wicked cool making getting around easier as well as allowing for some wonderful opportunities to explore the landscape. I’ve only got 10 days of playing time left on the game card so the desire to reach the top was made that much more pressing. Now that I’ve done that I’ll probably try to get back into catching up on current events and paying more attention to SEB.

Beyond that I’ve not been paying much attention to the news or even the other blogs as the rest of my time has been spent combing through the job boards, sending out resumes, and getting the income taxes done. I’m down to the last two weeks of unemployment so the tax return will end up being a cushion if I’m not able to find work by then. I’m at the point where I’m applying for anything I can get including jobs at Meijers, Best Buy, and other similar stores. I’ve not yet submitted any job applications to fast food restaurants, but it may yet come to that the way things are going.

Other than that we’re still hanging in here and hoping for the best. Would’ve been nice to have won that $370 million Mega Millions jackpot last week, but that goes without saying.

7 thoughts on “A misspent weekend learning to fly.

  1. Ugh. Finding a job sucks. I have wacky job experience that doesn’t really apply to much, so I’m having trouble right now as well. Good luck, and I hope we’re both not working at Burger King come a month or two from now!

  2. I hear there is a game where you can earn money through developing and selling objects and property, and filling in questionaires for people, it uses a currency exchangeable for US$. My computer struggles with the graphics though, but if you were seriously into developing that kind of thing it’s a way to make+spend money through gaming;
    Second life

  3. I’ve tried playing Second Life and I just can’t get into it. I have a registered account and a crude avatar and I’ve poked around a little in there, but don’t have the software currently installed.

  4. Flying mounts are good, but I sometimes go back to my normal epic mount due to its faster speed. Until I get an epic flying mount, of course smile .

  5. Grats on the Dingage! My very best wishes on you reaching some RL dingage with your resume.

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