Spreading some link love: Nothing To Write Home About and KVBlog.

I know it sounds like two different things, but it’s not. It’s actually two parts of a whole that makes up the blog written by my best friend, Karl Roosa, whom I have often referred to in the past by the pseudonym Hairboy. I’ve known Karl ever since the first year of the one and a half years I went to college. I met him through, of all people, his mother who was in the same psych class I was taking at the time and who recognized the scarf I was wearing as being a somewhat replica of Tom Baker’s scarf in the Doctor Who series. Karl is also a big fan of Doctor Who so she introduced us and started off what has now been a 20 year friendship. In addition to being a fellow DW fan, Karl expanded my fledgling knowledge of anime quite a bit in addition to showing me the wonders of the Hong Kong action film including Jet Li and Jackie Chan before they were ever popular here in America.

In the past Karl and I collaborated on my first big venture into the world of being a webmaster when I started the anime website known as The Casual Otaku. We had a number of very cool adventures as a result of that experience including traveling out to California after IGN.com made us an affiliate for about a year. Karl didn’t get into blogging the same way I did after we shut down TCO, but he’s played around with it a bit over the years and lately has been putting a bit more effort into it. The result is his blog called Nothing To Write Home About. His blog is mostly about his interests and that means there’s plenty of stuff on movies, TV series, and video games to be found there. Some of the cooler and obscure things I’ve ever been exposed to was thanks to my friendship with Karl.

Karl is a freelance videographer who is, like me, currently looking for work and in the meantime is busy keeping his skills up playing around with the home studio he’s set up. Among other short video experiments he’s also started messing around with something I keep thinking of messing around with: video blogging. The result is KVBlog which is pronounced just like it’s spelled which means Karl is the only person I know who can pronounce it. He only has two video blog entries at the moment and, of the two, the second one is the better one as it’s about his recent trip with his wife to Seattle:

Now I find Karl to be hilariously funny, but you’ve seen my sense of humor around here so your mileage may vary. He’s not really trying to be funny in this clip, but he manages to amuse the hell out of me anyway. Karl has offered to help me put together some video blog entries for SEB, but I find myself with the same problem he talks about in his first video blog entry which is that I don’t have a friggin’ clue what to talk about and that just doesn’t make for very compelling viewing. Something I wouldn’t mind trying once again would be to collaborate with Karl on something for SEB and I’ve also thought about trying to do a podcast where I talk to other bloggers such as DOF, but again I’m left wondering what the hell I’d do that’d be A) interesting and B) not a rehash of stuff someone else has already done.

Anyway, I just wanted to point a little traffic Karl’s way as I thought some of you may find him interesting and it might encourage him to keep up his efforts at both writing and video blogging. Go check him out.

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