Pagination removed from the comments template for now.

I’m still annoyed that I can’t link directly to comments when using pagination on the template so I’ve reverted back to a single screen listing all the comments for the time being. Hopefully this won’t be too much of a load on the server and it won’t slow down page rendering too much.

As always I’m open to feedback on this change.

3 thoughts on “Pagination removed from the comments template for now.

  1. At first I had paginating the comments.  But now I like them.  I would much rather scroll through 30 comments at a time than 60 or 90 and so on.  Plus for the posts with a lot of comments it has to speed things up…

  2. I like it better this way. Just like old times…

    Besides, now it goes directly to the comment you clicked on. Having to scroll to get there had to be a time waster too.

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