Osama Team Hunger Force

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The sad part is, that’s probably what the idiots in Boston actually thought had happened…

9 thoughts on “Osama Team Hunger Force

  1. Come on Dof, they were young fellas doing clever fun – what did they say that was so offensive … terrists [sic] will never use comedy to make their point – ‘tain’t in their script[ure].


    … if that’s what they were doing.

    I took you seriously there for a moment – THAT was clever and funny too.  LOL

  2. Whoops, I spake Bushwise, unclearificationally.  tongue wink This video, I thought was hilarious, and a well-deserved poke in the ribs to Boston.  The real terrorists, if they’d stop blowing things up and just flip us the bird (or any other offensive speec) I’d support their rights.

    I have been wrestling with a snow blower today, brain is working even less well than usual.  red face

  3. damn was that funny.  A well deserved laugh after a hard day of shoveling 3 feet of snow for every shovel full.  If that made any sense, my mind aint workin too good either.

  4. Now if-these Boston-Boys could manage to do amother funny-film about “OSAMA”… (Totally-fictional of-course! Oooo-yes! Definitely totally-fictional & not-having anything to do with ‘REAL-TRUTH & REALITY’ of-any of what’s-really gone-down or really-happened) If-they could (Please) do a thoughtful fictional-skit about the ‘Real-Osama’ being executed by-the CIA in ‘84-5’ & being replaced by-an Australian-Born lookalike of Dutch descent supposedly initially sold to-those who-knew as a ‘Black-Op’ to get-inside of any-new ‘Uncontrolled Muslim Terror-groups’ that were forming! THEN JUST-WATCH FOR-ANY OVER-THE-TOP REACTIONS FROM ‘Dick’ or-from ‘Daddy-Butch’ or ‘Rummy’ etecetera! I-sure would like to help with-some ‘Totally-Fictional’ humour about that! (Totally-fictional! Of-course! Yes! Definitely! Nothing-real here!) The-end!

  5. Robby!
    Did you know that Osama’s real name is USAMA but the leaders of the USA didn’t want Public Enemy #1 having a name that started with USA so they changed it?

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