Mormon Bishop kinda charged for taking teen boys on naked snowmobiling ride.

Someone needs to explain something to me. First we have this story out of Utah:

LOGAN A 62-year-old man accused of taking teenage boys on nude snowmobile rides has pleaded guilty to lewdness, a misdemeanor.

Besides the snowmobiles, Richard Lamb and two 15-year-olds used a sauna in the nude during a trip to his cabin in Cache County last year, according to court documents.

Lamb told detectives in an Aug. 24 interview that he didn’t feel anyone was uncomfortable.

He will not receive jail time but must undergo a mental evaluation and complete any recommended treatment. He must write letters of apology and avoid unsupervised contact with minors.

The two counts of lewdness could be erased if he meets the conditions. Lamb was a bishop of a Mormon church ward in Hyde Park from 1991 to 1997.

Then we have this story out of Connecticut:

Julie Amero, a substitute teacher at a middle school in Norwich, Conn., said she had simply wanted to e-mail her husband. The authorities contend that she was — purposely or, perhaps, carelessly — exposing 11- and 12-year-old students to pornography rather than teaching them English.

Last month, Ms. Amero was convicted in Norwich Superior Court of four counts of risking injury to a child and faces up to 40 years in prison at a sentencing hearing scheduled for March 2. She has insisted on her innocence, refusing to accept a plea bargain that would have allowed her to walk free. She portrays herself as a hapless technophobe too clueless to unplug a wayward computer

Someone please explain to me why a Mormon Bishop is charged with a misdemeanor for riding around on snowmobiles and sitting in a sauna naked with a couple of teen boys when a teacher is facing a possible 40 years in prison for exposing some kids to porn, accidentally or otherwise. Granted the teacher sounds like a bit of an idiot, but last I checked being stupid wasn’t a criminal offense.

And yes I realize that we’re dealing with two different states so the laws are going to vary wildly, but this still strikes me as just plain idiotic. And I’m sure the Bishop’s status as a Bishop doesn’t play into the lighter charges he received at all.

Sure. Yeah. You betcha.

13 thoughts on “Mormon Bishop kinda charged for taking teen boys on naked snowmobiling ride.

  1. That bit about naked snowmobile rides sounds odd, but people usually do go to sauna naked. I think that with all these pedophile priests ‘n stuff, people are getting perhaps a bit too sensitive. Soon people will probably start covering up chair legs, as during victorian times.

    Also, I don’t understand how children of age 11 or 12 could possibly be harmed in any significant degree by accidentally being exposed to some porn. Kids aren’t idiots.

  2. Flaky, welcome to North America, where all kids are idiots until demonstrated otherwise (works wonders on our education, let me tell you 🙁 …). Also, sauna, naked? No – why that would be those darn gays pushing their immoral and satanic agenda. God save us.

    No, really, save our society from itself, before I pick up a few new languages and move to Sweden. raspberry

  3. I wonder if there’d have been such an outcry if it’d been anywhere else but USA OR if it’d ‘only’ been extreme violence the students viewed.

    It seems a lot of USians sure have an unnatural preoccupation with sex.

  4. LJ: It seems a lot of USians sure have an unnatural preoccupation with sex.

    I have a very natural preoccupation with sex. Oh, wait, you’re talking about that weird fear of sex these morons have…..

  5. Yep; the morons – the ones who think sex between consenting adults corrupts.

  6. I’m all for fundie morons being to scared to have sex. Maybe just maybe that will lead to less moron children.

  7. The Teacher.. was not purposely teaching or showing the kids the porn,.. it was an accident.. but she should not be using the computer anyway , she should be teaching the kids… so she needs two weeks off without pay… not 40 **** yrs in jail… wtf

    The XMormon guy..umm im sure has was enjoying da boys naked,.. but they agreed, there not 11 yr olds, and they know @ 15 what naked is.. doh. the 15 yr olds being mormon were probably blowing each other anyways.. people are but seriously in the end… he did not molest them and probably no harm done.. i mean if a 15 yr old never seen another 15 yr old naked… hes sick… its the schooling of mormon that makes it a sick thing… but its normal to see other people your age naked?? he should be slapped on the wrist and warned not to go that route. these mormons are assholes

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