Dominoes Pizza’s new commercial frightens me.

Have you seen this new Dominoes Pizza commercial?

Gives me the heebie jeebies every time I see it. Especially the dude with the big eyes. They haunt my dreams. Always watching, staring, blinking with enough force to blow over small children and pets.

15 thoughts on “Dominoes Pizza’s new commercial frightens me.

  1. it took me a second viewing to realize what the hell was going on with those freaks.  I generally don’t watch commercials and caught this one out of the corner of my eye while doing something else.  I’m with ya on the nightmares thing Les, especially the dude with the eyes.  He’s really the only one that couldn’t really occur in nature I think.  The mouth, nose and ears guys I think I’ve seen before.

  2. Absolutely creepy. I know, lets play: lets make up a phony conspiracy theory to piss people off! The first guy represents anti-Semitism because of his nose. The man with the mouth represents the voice of Hitler and the man with the eyes represents how the SS is always watches you. Post that on some forum and I guarantee that some idiots will believe it.

  3. Hey, don’t count me out. I find your positions on some things stupid, but that bundles you in with most of the rest of the population. If you’d cease trying to be disrespectful, you’d close most of the gap.

  4. What is it about Americanised pizza that makes us feel that bread has to be half an inch thick.  If you eat pizza in Italy then the dough is thin- mainly because they don’t need to fill you up due to the paucity of the topping.

  5. Pat: If you’d cease trying to be disrespectful

    He likes the idea of ‘shock and awe’ but only manages ‘awful’.

    LH: What is it about Americanised pizza that makes us feel that bread has to be half an inch thick.

    In Bathurst, (Oz) Domino’s and Pizza Hut like selling thin cardboard with fuckall on top.
    I’m afraid to say that people with no class or taste buy lots of them – probably the same who only watch commercial TV or listen to country music. It’s only a theory; I don’t give a continental fuck if it’s valid or not.
    I’m pleased we have Uncle Joe’s and VJ’s who both make a pizza with Buku stuff on top.
    Sure they cost 30>40% more but they’re a pleasure to get obese from.

  6. I’d rather have my eyes poked out with sharpened pencils than buy and eat dominoes pizza.  They are really no better than McDonalds or the other fast food chains, it just takes a little longer to cook those attrocities they call pizza.  I’ve had better frozen pizzas than what Dominoes produces. 

    At the same time though, I’ve been forced to eat Dominoes at company “pizza parties” or when relatives order it.  Pizza hut is only a short step up in quality in my opinion.  We are lucky to have a few local chains or single restaurants that serve “OK” pizza, but even they tend to overdue the crust or put way more cheese than anything else on it.  I mean, when I order a pepperoni, black olive, hot pepper and cheese pizza, I expect a mouthful of all those toppings, along with good sauce and a little crust in every frickin’ bite.  I’ve yet to find that anywhere but my own kitchen.

  7. Sorry to double dip here, but now I’m thinking about pizza.  I think the real problem is that these pizza joints don’t know if they are serving New York or Chicago style pizza.  It’s a cruel bastardized version of both, since it’s about as robust as a New York slice, but they put too much yeast in the dough and end up with a bread covered with pizza toppings.  Mmmm…bread covered with pizza toppings…aughuguggguuuu…

  8. hey guys i need a picture that i can copy and paste of the guy with a big nose let me know please

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