Decrepit Old Fool was recently stoned.

Or rather was recently trying to pass a stone. He tells us about it over on his blog and it sounds like it was a lot of no fun. Here’s his summary:

Ow, ow-ow-ow!

Can’t get much more succinct than that. So stop by his site and tell him how much you’re happy it was him instead of you you sympathize and hope him a speedy recovery.

17 thoughts on “Decrepit Old Fool was recently stoned.

  1. I thought you meant he got stoned as in the other sense of the meaning until clicking the link smile
    That i’d like to see photos of
    I wonder what it’d feel like if they got trapped at any other stage (but im guessing if it can pass the kidney it can pass the rest albeit painfully)

    presumably beyond a certain size they wont pass+need operation, but that might cause organ damage

  2. DoF’s reality reminds too much of the fantasy of a joke from my childhood:
    What’s the definition of pain?
    Sliding down a 40’ razorblade using your cock for a brake.

  3. Thanks Les – now everyone knows I’m a stoner.  tongue wink Actually I’m pretty sure I’d fail a drug test for a while now. 

    The pain from kidney stones is usually while it is lodged in the ureter from kidney to bladder, which is about as wide as the ball on a ballpoint pen.  Once the stone makes it to the bladder, usually it can pass through the urethra without any discomfort.  (And a tremendous sense of relief when you hear the hard little nugget hit the filter funnel)

    For anyone interested, I have posted a photo of the stone.  This stone is different from the previous ones.

    LJ, that is some description.

  4. LJ- ever hear Tom Lehreh’s Colleg song?
    “Soon we’ll be out , amid the cold world’s strife,
    Soon we’ll be sliding down the razor blade of life”
    On the live version he just lets the last note hang while the audience flinch.

    DoF doesn’t like me- any time I go to his site

    You don’t have permission to access /index.php/weblog/comments/k_stone_25feb07


    I had a suspected stone a couple of times. It was really bad in my mid 20’s- the quacks never did find out what was going on- I had the lot- ultrasound, peeing on sticks, looking for infection that is usually female only shock  Still get mild attacks now and then- feels like I REEEEEEAAALLLLYYYYY NEEEED TOOOO PEEEEEEEEEEE, then nothing comes out.

  5. Love Tom Lehr.  Can’t think of anybody like him working today.

    Last Hussar: “DoF doesn’t like me”

    Oh, certainly not the case, LH!  Wonder if your IP address is close to that of a spammer I might have banned at some time or other?  I might have the net cast too wide.  I am only semi-competent with Expression Engine’s defenses.

    Could you send me an email, george dot wiman at gmail dot com, send me your IP address if possible.  Will try to fix.

  6. SENT- no idea about IP addresses- like I said don’t kill yourself trying to fix it- Les had to set me up here, we think it’s an AOL problem. You’ve got my email addy now (IanMHopping etc)

    My Dad introduced me to Lehrer when I was a kid. Most people haven’t heard of him, but the ones who have, I’m not surprised at! When I was about 16/17 I played at the British Go championships- had an evening drinking, singng Tom L, and playing Mornington Crescent and Liar Dice.

  7. Still get mild attacks now and then- feels like I REEEEEEAAALLLLYYYYY NEEEED TOOOO PEEEEEEEEEEE, then nothing comes out.

    Seeing as we’re discussing men issues.
    LH, that happens to me once every coupla months – usually half way thru the night.
    If it doesn’t come after a while of standing and waiting I grab a book and sit down on the seat.
    For some reason it allows more relax to happen and I pee.
    Try it out.  wink

  8. But, with respect John, you are a few years older than me! Actually there is a history of kidney problems in my Dads family- His dad died at the age of 38, in 1939- when my dad was 3. Just before WW2. My dad stayed in north London the entire war- he was never evacuated.  Every birthday up to ‘74 he wound my mum up saying “Dead before I’m 38”. Now its just “Dead by my next birthday.  I told him once to hurry up- the house is worth £350k+

      Maybe I should go to the Docs, but it’s where they put the camera- as far as I’m concerned that orifice IS a one way street. (eyes watering just thinking about it).

  9. Your dad’s only a kid – he could last another 20 or more.

    Maybe I should go to the Doc’s

    You only have one question to answer for yourself.
    Do I want my health when I retire? If yes, go to the fucking doctor.
    As DoF mentioned, they use a pain-killer and they grease up the catheter.
    And what’s a little pain anyway? It’s not as if your dick’s gonna come off.

    I had to go for blood tests yesterday morning.
    She said: you’ll feel a little … and she pricked me … cos I was getting ready to say I was one. smile

  10. Not sure if anyone wants to go to discussion of catheters – not my favorite subject as I have been there a couple times.  Luckily not this time.

    She said: you’ll feel a little … and she pricked me … cos I was getting ready to say I was one.

    First time I had a stone, I was really scared because I didn’t know what it was.  Second time, same pain, but less fear.  I wheeled into emergency and said something like “I’m passing a kidney stone, I’m a lot of pain – last time morphine helped.”

    Suddenly the diagnostic criteria got a lot more complicated.  A drug seeker!  You’d think the blood in the urine and thrashing around would clinch it, but they had to make x-rays, develop them, get a radiologist to see, before they’d say; “OK, the guy has a stone.”

    Finally (and I mean, after a frakking eternity) a nurse comes in and says; “OK Mr. Wiman, it looks like you have a kidney stone…”

    (I’m thinking; “No, really?”)

    “…so I’m going to give you something for the pain…”

    (“Ah.  Music to my ears”)

    she cleaned off a spot and “…you’re going to feel a little stick here”

    I started laughing with tears coming out of my eyes.  “What’s so funny?” she said

    “Honey, you could shoot my kneecap off with a .45 right now and it wouldn’t raise my pain level one bit – just give me the shot!

    Lesson learned and applied for future stones: you get narcotics faster if you do not mention narcotics.  mad

  11. I’ve done the kidney stone thing.

    Ho. Lee. Hell. does that ever hurt, and mine was maybe a big grain of sand. One of my female co-workers has passed a stone and a couple of children, and said that the stone was only marginally less painful.


  12. Being diabetic, if I’m not extremely careful (and maybe even if I am), the best I can hope for is kidney stones.  Not that I’m looking forward to the potential pain, I’m sure the daily injections of insulin and finger pricking aren’t even close to passing a stone.

    The needles and finger pricks you get used to, but I assume passing a stone is akin to breaking a bone or dislocating a joint (the only major pains I can relate to at this point).

  13. Buzz:

    I’ve broken many several bone, dislocated a few joints, and had an appendix go bad. I’d take all of that at one time in preference to a kidney stone.

  14. ouchouchouch.  Been there too many times.  Not even bearing children prepared me for the pain of a kidney stone.  Poor Old Fool.

  15. Well, I actually have a greater chance of kidney failure than stones, so I guess that’s a bonus in a really pessimistic sort of way.

  16. You’re going to feel a prick…

    That whole thing made me bust out laughing!  Not because I necessarily find DOF’s pain amusing…  tongue wink

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