Anna Nicole Smith’s death an even bigger circus than her life.

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been more or less ignoring the news for the past couple of days, but eventually you can’t help but be exposed to it and seeing that the news media is still short stroking Anna Nicole Smith’s death all over the place it’s a given that I’d get caught up on what fiasco it’s become. The big news at the moment it seems is that there are now no less than three different men claiming to potentially be the father of Anna’s baby daughter one of which is Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband. Wait, what the fuck?

Prince Frederic von Anhalt, the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, told the Associated Press he plans to file a paternity challenge in court this week to gain custody of Anna Nicole Smith’s infant daughter, even if it costs him his marriage.

“I’m going to make the DNA test,” he said. “If the court rules in my favor, I will go to the Bahamas and pick up the child.”

Von Anhalt, 59, and Gabor, 90, have been married for more than 20 years. The news of her husband’s alleged affair has deeply upset Gabor, according to von Anhalt.

“She says, of course, ‘If you bring a baby home then it’s over,”’ he said. “If my wife wants to divorce me then it’s up to her.”

Amazing. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the circus didn’t come to an end with her death and the news media have just got to be loving it. Near as I can tell the final results of her autopsy haven’t been released because the media is still speculating like crazy about it.

I think I’ll make more of an effort to ignore the news for awhile longer.


8 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith’s death an even bigger circus than her life.

  1. I’ll try to make this important message brief.

    I really wished someone had took the time to explain certain dynamics about life to Anna. She had potential, but the information she needed never made it to her.

    A. Who am I?

    B. This is what I do.

    C. This is what I have.

    It’s not so much the question and statements, it’s there specific order. Any other order other than ABC leaves little hope for a happy life. It cannot be BAC CAB CBA or any other order. It has to be ABC.

    How many times do we see people in our everyday lives that do not follow these terms and thier lives seem dysfunctional.

    For example..A worthless lazy son inherits his deceased fathers car dealership business. He aquires ( C ) then lets it ( assets and money ) define ( A ) he then proceeds to ( B ) and loses everything because of the order. C A B. His father was an A B C thats why he made it.

    Anna was a ( A ) ( C ) ( B ) it’s really just that simple. Ignore this basic life order and problems of an unsolvable magnitude up to an including even death from not following it are possible.

  2. Paul – ?
    I don’t see what it has do with success directly, though it seems like a mantra on one of those business motivational tapes, so my assumption is those type of people, who tend to be motivated by success anyway, also tend to have an affinity for specific order regardless of relitive importance, as my managers seem to. I think strict psychological self-control is one aspect of a certain category of person that also has the need to succeed hard-wired into them. These people are on the highway to nervous breakdown if they keep pushing themselves and feel too trapped to relax, it’s not a state I would like to stay in for very long and so I don’t think it’s a state people can easily get into who have previously had their motivation crushed in some way or other.

    I never really ask who I am – that won’t change, so there’s no point, and identity categorisation is nothing more than a label. I ask myself what I do depending on how much I like my job and how soon I can retire, and I ask what I have when counting the years to retirement.

  3. And the essence of being human is some level of disorder. Order is for computers and robots that can’t think around a set of instructions, so I think there may be a link between the imperfect thought of humans and the developing of new ideas, afterall you can learn a big concept in little chunks by thinking through several incomplete theories, a computer on the otherhand freaks out with a syntax error because it can’t handle inacuracy like the human mind can.

    You can have blurry eyesight and still make out what an object is despite there being no exactly defined border, and you can move a limb by an inexact amount and bypass doing trigonometry in your brain – I have to wonder why the human mind would struggle with computer-style calculations if it really was using mathematics in everything, I suspect it’s using a less acurate, more efficient, fluffy alternative

  4. meanwhile, 80 people were murdered in Iraq today… a blatant slap-in-the-face to Shrub’s crackdown policy. Of course we dont want this trivialness to get in the way of big news like this…

  5. Sorry do double dip, but I fell I have to point something out:

    Von Anhalt, 59, and Gabor, 90, have been married for more than 20 years. The news of her husband’s alleged affair has deeply upset Gabor, according to von Anhalt.

    He wants to adopt a child at _that_ age? Buy the time the girl graduates highschool there’s a good chance he won’t be here.

  6. I tried to add my name to the list of paternity hopefuls, but Anna’s staff turned me down. They said I had to prove I was independently wealthy so they would know I wasn’t just in it for the money. How would THEY know anything about gold diging??? LOL

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