Winter’s back in Michigan, but it could be worse.

The ice storm that moved through here last week has largely melted from the trees and things are just cold and a bit snowy now. It could’ve been a lot worse, though. I could’ve moved to Portland:

6 thoughts on “Winter’s back in Michigan, but it could be worse.

  1. It sure do look nice – all those slow moving unstoppable vehicles.
    During the winter, between Bathurst and Lithgow, sections of the highway sometimes have ice on parts of it.
    I had the cruise control set at 114 kmh at 5.30 one morning about 10 years ago and hit a spot.
    A scary straight line 360, but being Lucky, there were no other cars.
    I regained control when I got onto a piece of black stuff without ice and continued on as though nothing had happened … after stopping to clean up the shit that somehow appeared underneath me.  smile

  2. Snow! – Portland’s a nice little city though. Most ot the time they complain about rain and are happy to see an abundance of snow – just not travel in it.

  3. OK, OK give them a bit of a break. I was born and raised in the Portland area and even lived on Mt. Hood for several years. You got to think that where this video was taken is only about 75 feet above sea level and they don’t see a lot of snow. I personally moved to Anchorage 5 years ago and told everyone “I LMAO during the whole thing (as well as everyone I showed) I haven’t even used studded tires in 4 years here! Collectively, we here in Alaska have been laughing at the lower 48 states for all there winter woes. Here in Anchorage, we received 15” above normal snow fall in December alone. Hell, one of the two driveways that get me home was blocked for 3 weeks, just from the city plowing the streets. At our local Ski resort just a 30 min. drive down the road, received 24 feet (yes I did say 24 FEET) of snow in December and shattered all previous records for the month. BUT! do you in the lower 48 get any news from up here that don’t involve BP or the ever faithful pipeline? Well, ya’all wimps in the lower 48 better just buck-up and deal with what your given, JUST LIKE US!!!

  4. I’d like to point out that Portland is a big place, and most of it isn’t as bad as it looks this clip. For example, the area by my apartment has been clear of snow for most of this winter. When it does snow, it doesn’t snow any more than a few inches. There are several skids in the streets, but I only see an accident once a month or so.

  5. I didn’t mean to imply that Portland was a hell during winter as I’m sure it’s not. Buffalo, New York is a hell during winter.

    Still every time I watch that clip I can’t help but cringe in sympathy for the myriad insurance claims analysts that are going to have to sort through that mess.

  6. I didn’t mean to imply that Portland was a hell during winter as I’m sure it’s not. Buffalo, New York is a hell during winter.

    But, but, isn’t Hell supposed to be hot? You know, fire, brimstone, all that stuff?

    When did Hell freeze over?


    (There really needs to be a “tongue planted firmly in cheek” smiley)

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