“The Daily Show” on the 2007 State of the Union address.

As always, insightful and damned funny:

By the way, I think Comedy Central deserves big kudos for making it possible to embed Daily Show clips straight from their site. OK, so they do expire after awhile (this one will expire on Feb. 24), but at least they’re making them available.

7 thoughts on ““The Daily Show” on the 2007 State of the Union address.

  1. Funny thing is he actually said what he was quoted on, here blair and the like don’t leave themselves that open to interpretation, and our programs to poke fun at them tend to be look-alike actors/animations in exaggerated imaginary scenarios like 2DTV, Dead ringers, etc.

    Bush, schwarzeneger, etc are also made fun of here, and using animation allows situations that wouldn’t happen, like when Bush gets a bouncy white house, and when he pops it says to the general:

    I never thought I’d say this but blow up the whitehouse!

    And also the portrayal of Blair as Bush’s pet poodle can only really be done through animation.

  2. Damned funny is right.  Another thought (and probably just my own) the movement in this country is towards a wholly religious setting in the home, the community, and the government.  The people we are trying to save in the war have the same way of life that we are heading for.  I purpose that religion should be a part of the lives that wish it.  But don’t force it into every facet on life when it takes away the rights and freedom that was fought so hard for over the years.  Especially in the name of protecting us from terrorism.  Some one has to pull the emergency brake on this runaway train before we all bow blindly and rock chanting for the rest of our lives.

  3. I love John Stuart! And isn’t it funny that our King has dropped to a 30% approval rating? I don’t get it, how much lower can it get?

  4. I love the Bush Impression he does- the ‘Job of the President’ routine he did last year was a classic (I love my free to air Digital TV, so we can see the decent stuff, not just the lowest common denominator stuff they put on the main commercial channels)

  5. As usual J.S. has adorned us with his normal LOL affiar. I personally do not watch him as much as I used to. I love the J.S. show however, I used to watch it every other night. They used to show the current day and the night before. I don’t care as much for the Colbert Report (I tend to watch TV in 1 hour blocks). As far as blair and the (across the pond) media are concerned. They don’t have anyone that equals J.S.‘s stature. The pussies over there CAN’T say anything bad about anyone in power, or they get black balled. One more reason to LOVE THE GOOD OL USA and FREE SPEECH.

  6. One more reason to LOVE THE GOOD OL USA and FREE SPEECH.

    YEAH!! You cherry-picking fuckwit. You obviously forgot how, back in the 2003 dark ages, people against the invasion (it wasn’t a fucking war, dick brain) were fired from their jobs … I recall a coupla journos and commentators being ‘let go’.
    AND, let’s not forget the backlash ‘the dixie chicks’ received from ‘the establishment’ for doing the ‘free speech’ business.
    You’re a fucking clown.
    Take your wanking stick in hand and fuck off!

    They don’t have anyone that equals J.S.’s stature.

    How the fuck would you know, clown?
    They don’t show overseas stuff in the USA unless it’s been USAified so you get the jokes.
    It was an accident you got Monty Python and half a dozen other shows cos you just don’t understand jokes without a laugh track – let’s face it, even ya fucking baseball shows have to have a fuckin organ playing tension music otherwise you wouldn’t know there was tension.

    Aaahh, I feel better now (that’s an Oz in-joke).  wink

    Gotta go.
    SBS (PBS) is replaying ‘brown eyes, blue eyes’.
    It’s a great reminder for me not to lump all fuckwits in with other fuckwits.  Meow.  LOL

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