Teaser trailer for “Live Free or DIE HARD.” Plus Kevin Smith does more acting.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! They’ve made a fourth Die Hard movie and it’s coming on June 29th, 2007. I am unabashedly a big fan of the first three movies and have the collector’s box set of them on VHS. I’ve been waiting for a fourth movie and the inevitable collector’s box set edition on DVD that’ll it bring with it once it leaves theaters. Looks like it won’t be long now. There’s a teaser trailer on the QuickTime website, but if you’re not keen on installing QuickTime then here’s a smaller YouTube version for you to check out:

Interestingly enough Kevin Smith of Clerks fame has a role in the movie as master hacker ‘The Warlock.’ Here’s a snippet from the View Askew website:

The ‘Clerks’ director will be seen starring alongside Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant, and Justin Long in ‘Live Free or Die Hard’, the fourth instalment of the action film franchise.

“I’m exposition guy. Like, I’m the dude who gives them all sorts of information,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling moviehole.net.

Smith also said that director Len Wiseman was not planning any big surprises for ‘Die Hard’ fans, and that he just wanted to make the new flick as good as the other three movies in the series.

“That seemed to be a running note that they would give themselves on set. With any particular line they would go, ‘That’s not Die Hard, let’s make it more Die Hard,’” he added.

It seems Kevin’s been doing quite a bit of acting lately what with the currently playing romantic comedy Catch and Release—of which Kevin’s presence is the only thing that piques my interest seeing as it’s getting hammered by reviewers so I’ll wait and rent it—to a TV pilot for a new show called “Manchild”:

So it looks like I’m gonna be doing a TV pilot…

Hollywood Reporter “Manchild” story.

But, oddly enough, it’s not a show I’ve created; it’s a show I’ve simply been cast in. And, like anything in life, there’s a story behind it.

A few weeks back, Brent Morely – one of the agents at Endeavor – called to say “There’s this Showtime pilot I want to send you to take a look at, because I think you’d dig the sensibility.”

Every few months, scripts get sent my way from various studios looking for a rewrite or comedic punch-up, but I haven’t done one since “Coyote Ugly” – probably because, after all my work on that script, they hired a director who, naturally, wanted to bring his writer aboard the project, and almost all of my stuff got shit-canned. Generally, the scripts just sit on a pile near my desk for close to a year before they hit the trash – which isn’t a statement on the scripts themselves as much as as statement about my lack of interest in rewrite gigs.

When it hit the pile, the “Manchild” script caught my eye because a) the script was very slim, and b) the cover letter said nothing about rewriting. I was directed to read with an eye toward the role of “Paul”.

An acting gig? Were they kidding? I’m not an actor.

Apparently Manchild is another import from the U.K. that’s been reworked for American audiences. No word on if Showtime is going to pick up the series or not, but if it does I’ll have to catch it at someone else’s place as we don’t have Showtime at the moment. Still it’s pretty cool to see Kevin working his acting muscles a bit and the fact that he’s in the new Die Hard film, even if it is a small part, gives me that much more reason to go see it.

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  1. I remember Manchild from BBC America, I think. If it’s the one I’m thinking of it starred Anthony Stewart Head from Buffy and was pretty damn good.

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