Starting to look more like winter around here.

Snow returned to Michigan a couple of days ago. Well, sort of anyway. Not much here, but plenty of ice. Enough ice in fact that we lost power for most of the day yesterday and schools were closed this morning.

Still I have to admit that the sunset sure does make them ice covered trees look purty:

Click to embiggen!

Hence why I didn’t get much posting done the last couple of days. That and my writing much longer than usual comments on a couple of threads.

7 thoughts on “Starting to look more like winter around here.

  1. NOPE, winter is still in full swing here in Anchorage. Our high temp today was about +14. Mid last week we had a high of -6 (W/O windchill)

  2. Huh, I didn’t think I did that good a job on them myself. I’ve got the full size images on my hard drive, perhaps I’ll toss ‘em up on stock.xchng for the helluvit.

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