One of the worst parts about being unemployed…

… is when one of your favorite video games releases a huge new expansion and not only can’t you afford to buy it, but your account will be shut down in five days time anyway because you had to cut back on expenses.

Yes folks, the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade expansion has hit the shelves and like a bad heroin addict I sit here with my teeth humming in their sockets as I can feel the millions of WoW players in the world signing in and venturing through the Dark Portal into the destroyed nether reaches of Outland.

It’s OK. I can cope. I’ll just find my happy place and curl up in a fetal position until one of the companies I’ve sent resumes to calls and says I’m brilliant and just what they’ve been looking for and as a signing bonus they’ll pay for my WoW subscription… yeah… yeah… that could happen…. couldn’t it?

[Update]: Someone from Blizzard is reading SEB! Apparently fearful that one of their most loyal addicts was about to go cold turkey they sent along a free Burning Crusade key to keep me hanging on. This prompted Anne to let me have the WoW pre-paid gift card she got as a gift so I could extend my playtime a bit longer. Her WoW addiction tends to be a bit more cyclical in nature and right now she’s not playing so she figures I’ll make better use of it. This is very cool and I’m very flattered. Woot!

21 thoughts on “One of the worst parts about being unemployed…

  1. I’m an IT student and I’m afraid that going to class tomorrow will be quite useless.

    I mean think about it… These guys talk about WoW all day long through class and were drooling like dogs all last week over Burning Crusade.

    Will I be the only one in class tomorrow?

  2. I picked it up today, installed the 4 CDs (do we really need to keep providing modern games on CDs for the people who are too lazy/cheap to install a $25 DVD-ROM?  How many modern games run decently on machines that didn’t come with a DVD player?  I say eff those people), then I found out I’d have to wait in a 850+ person queue, at which point I decided I’d play tomorrow.

  3. Y’know, Les, I just thought of a good use for the “ignore” button.  You could put a little score on people’s posts, “Number of people ignoring this person.”

    Whoops, I guess this comment belongs on the post about the “ignore” button.  Guess I got mixed up.

  4. though having seen the beta and knowing it’s going to be a kind of ‘state of the art’ progress for wow and the whole genre, i decided to quit. best time anyway.

    still remember a good friend mocking about the game. he said it’s just a huge chat program that’s keeping you busy in the mean time. can’t recall the hours of just sitting there talking to all the nice, moronic and fancy people.

    hell, it was fun. but time to move on, don’t you think?

  5. *shrug* I don’t play it anymore; a lot of people do, and I’m happy for that. It reduces my academic competition.

    Besides, we all know y’got bigger fish on your plate. Think of this as prime-time for employment/advancement.

  6. You can just hang outside in the sun all day, tossing a boll around, or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters!
    -Eric Cartman

  7. I seen this post coming and I really do feel for ya. Being a leet Tier 3 raiding vet and having just bought TBC I can tell you that after just 7 levels with my new Drae Shaman, I remembered why I quit 6mo. ago. It’s a job that you pay to play!  Although, I do have to be honest and say it really helped stay social and kill time through the dreary 3 months that I was unemployed. One day at a time, man!

  8. I read about WoW here and it makes me want to play again so I reactivate my account and get on only to find I don’t want to play after all. Weird huh?

    I do miss a couple of my characters though.

  9. Moloch, you act like Les isn’t doing those things.  That is a bunch of bullshit and you know it.  Do you do things in your spare time?  I’m guessing you do.  I play WoW and I have a job and go to school full time.  If anything, Les should definitely be playing WoW right now because it is something he enjoys and a good way to relieve the stress he’s going through.

  10. Ah the ‘free trial’ account is along the lines of..First hits free, kid! or Here’s a dime bag ‘till ya can get me back.

    BTW Let us know your name/server so I can come grief you, newbsauce?!?

  11. Helpful, I’ll check it out.

    Wheeler, my primary server is Durotan and my main is a level 60 dwarven hunter named Balfour, though I have several other characters on that server as well.

    I sometimes hang out on Fenris as well these days as it’s a newer server and thus a bit less crowded.

  12. I rolled a new Dreanei Shaman on Rivendare named Psychopomp. Brand new server w/o queue or lag. I dont wanna try Outland till the ‘honeymoon’ is over. Maybe I’ll roll a BE rogue twink on Durotan to say heya.

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