New SEB feature: The ability to Ignore someone.

I’ve dinked around a little bit with the comment template to try out the new Ignore feature in ExpressionEngine and it appears to be working. Right now all it does it wrap a comment in a DIV element that has had its display style set to “none” so it won’t render that comment, but it’s still technically there in the source code. I haven’t applied this to the comment list in the sidebar yet and I plan to add in some javascript to allow for folks to toggle whether or not a comment is hidden if they decide they just have to read what someone wrote anyway. I’ll also check in on a simple way to add an “Ignore this person” button to the comments as right now you have to go into your profile and select the Manage Ignore List option and put in the screen name of someone you wish to ignore.

So it’s very basic and crude at the moment, but like the template overall, it’ll improve as time goes on and I play around with it some more. All you folks who wanted to ignore Moloch may now do so.

19 thoughts on “New SEB feature: The ability to Ignore someone.

  1. Would ignore work when the user commented while logged out without using the same name? I suppose a problem anyway is the tendancy for some of these fellows to mispell their own name when they comment while logged out. I would only use it if harrassed and getting nowhere, or if they didn’t speak the same language. Actually the option to ignore whole topic categories might be useful for those who lurk only in specific parts of the SEB topic spectrum

  2. DC, I don’t know as I’ve not used it before. My assumption is that it bases it off the screen name so as long as they use the same screen name regularly it won’t matter if they have an account or not. If you don’t have an account, though, then you can’t ignore people and all comments would show up.

    Anyone who ends up repeatedly changing their screen name to get around the ignore function, however, will quickly find those names banned from being used at all.

  3. I probably won’t use it either, for the reason LH mentioned and also because even people who irritate me give some context to the range of thinking about a story.

  4. I won’t be using it either, but it’s there for those that want it. If everyone decides in the end not to use it then I’ll take it out.

  5. MP: Mmm … Rose tastes like chicken

    Ah so that’s why I havn’t seen a comment from her for a while…

  6. I’ve always found the ignore option to be a bit juvenile. If you don’t want to read someone’s comment, don’t read it, or read it if you’re curious, then forget it.

    I’ll read every comment no matter what. I may wonder about the psychological health of the writer but reading his or her comment won’t damage me for life.

  7. I forgot about Rose. And Don.  They added nothing new in any post, so we would no have missed anything if we had iggy’ed them.  I miss L4T though.

    Top job so far Les.  Can’t help feeling you spend too much time on us.  Hope Mrs Seb and the Sebettes don’t mind.

    (Please note Sebette and the grammatical derivatives are (c) me.  I just thought of that, and dammit, I want the credit!)

  8. New site rocks! (And who says I’m not still cool?)
    By the way what’s with the ignore button, I’ve been doing it for years and don’t need no “stinkin button!”

  9. I prefer to let stupid people talk.  I find that life is more interesting with all the stupid, ignorant, and annoying people.  Can you imagine how boring and bland life would be without them?

  10. Can you imagine how boring and bland life would be without them?

    *Imagining life without Pat Robertson, George Bush, Ann Coulter, and a long list of others…

    Humming pleasantly to self…*

    I’m sorry; what were you saying?  I was just daydreaming a little, there wink

  11. If everyone decides in the end not to use it then I’ll take it out.

    Unless it’s interfering with something else I’d leave it in place. You went to all the effort, it’s worth it even if only one person uses it.

  12. Imagining life without Pat Robertson, George Bush

    GW visits the Queen at Buck House. He says “How did you get to be head of state?”

    Her Maj replies she inherited the title from her father.

    “Hey that’s a coincidence” says the Shrub “Does that mean I can be a King?”

    “No, you have to be head of a Kingdom”

    “How about a Prince”

    “No, you would have to be head of a Principality”

    “What about a Duke?”

    “No, that would be a Dukedom” sighs HM “You just stay as head of a country.”

  13. I tried ignoring myself just for the hell of finding out if that would work- but nah

    I don’t plan on using it myself but Moloch has a point- might as well have the functionality if it’s no extra work or drain on resources

    DOF’s idea of quoting ‘number ignored’ would be too fun and spur a kind of competition between some, but I guess not everyone would like the feeling of knowing they’re ignored – but that may be just what’s good for them. Newbies may be less likely to take seriously someone with a high number

    A kind of temporary ignore would give a commenter the chance to change as/if they learn

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