New layout is up and running, but needs work.

It’s far from finished as I still need to tweak quite a few things, but I’ve gone ahead and taken Elwed’s suggestion of slapping up what I’ve got so far so people can offer feedback on it. I need to find a new box model for the comment pages, the ignore function isn’t active yet, the comment preview is broken, I still don’t have the master archive page in place yet, but it’s a start. At the moment the comment pages are broken up using pagination, but if folks decide that they don’t like that I can always switch it back to just being one massive page.

Oh, and the blogroll is seriously out-dated and needs to be revised. It was more a placeholder than anything else anyway.

35 thoughts on “New layout is up and running, but needs work.

  1. I wonder why my bottom scroll bar always has a small amount of horizontal space left, no matter how wide I make the page. Even at 1680 pixels wide.

  2. I still think the areas on the left with the stupid evil comments and such should be on the right.  The only reason I have for this is that the tabs of the website feel really ackward since the content is spaced to the right.

    Also I think it would be easier for users to have the comments link for individual posts on the left rather than the right.  But I can’t speak for everyone.

    Other than that this template ROCKS!!!  A much needed improvement.

  3. Yup, site looks great! Hope your enjoying your involuntary vaction time with your family, enjoy it. WoW2 will be out soon so you’ll have very little down time left. Let me know if you wanna knock over a starbucks for some extra spending cash!

  4. …but I can’t log in.

    The login link is to Register (as confirmed by hovering over the tab and looking at the info pane)

  5. Cheers Les- think of it as a beta test.

    Hmm. Bit Squished in 600×800, but 1024 seems fine.

    Loads a lot faster than the old one.

    Like the 2 column format on the left.

    Welcome to the pontless signature bit- I’m glad you let me put my normal quote in. If anyone can tell me who said it (I think a prussian general of horse, but I can’t find my source)

    I’ll take it. Do you do finance, or do I have to pay up front?

  6. Wow! Nice and modern, looks much more interesting than before, still getting used to it, nice to see everyone’s pics too!

  7. Consi, to remove signatures out, go to your member control panel, click on “Edit Preferences” and remove the check mark from “Display member signatures in entries”.

    Thanks, Les. It’s like seeing an old and valued friend.

  8. Looks great! My only gripe is the columns and picture on the left are a tad big.

    Downsizing/cropping the picture and/or moving the “Stupid Evil Comments” column would look even better.

  9. I believe Mrs. Spocko is right and Les said as much in the dim past.

    Upon seeing the design for real, I myself am not too fond about the wide sidebar(s) to the left. The background colors of the sidebars not extending all the way to the bottom doesn’t look quite right, either.

    My vote goes to one sidebar to the left that matches the width of the old one (or two stacked on top of each other) or moving the sidebars to the right. In either case, I’d almost prefer a fixed width for the content.

  10. Apparently, I don’t know how to spell “you’re.”

    Oh, and it looks the same in Firefox in OS X except the tabs are closer to the blue line. They look like they’re about 1 pixel apart. and there’s no horizontal issue like in Safari.

  11. The background in the pic is, as Elwed noted, a shower curtain. The old one we used to have in my apartment in fact.

    Thanks for all the feedback. I think I’ll move to a single sidebar on the left and see how that works out. As soon as I get the chance, that is, the wife and I just got back from CostCo and stuff needs to be put away.

  12. Les, I don’t know how much you tweaked the basic layout, but the side benefit of doing what you did is that you should be able to change the layout by the simple expedient of swapping in another CSS file.

  13. Now I think of this booming voice saying “Pay attention to the man in front of the shower curtain!”

  14. Also I was wondering if i could get my blog back up?  I’m reaaallyy bored… Sometimes even World of Warcraft can get boring, when dying all the time.

  15. I like it!  Having the content over on the right does take some getting used to, though it means content starts higher up on the screen which is good.

    Sadie, nice winter hat.

    Elwed, do you know who said the phrase in your signature?

    Science is answers that must always be questioned.
    Philosophy is questions that may never be answered.
    Religion is answers that must never be questioned.

    Is it -anon, or should I credit you for that one?

  16. Les, is pagination what is causing my browser not to go directly to the comment I click on in the recent comments column?

    Second, is the option to go to “view all comments” going to work in this design? I’m missing comments sometimes and hate that.

    Finally, do you work for me or something?

  17. s pagination what is causing my browser not to go directly to the comment I click on

    Yes. Remember, this template is unfinished; either comment pagination has to be turned off or some behind the scenes magic is required.

    is the option to go to “view all comments” going to work in this design? I’m missing comments sometimes and hate that.

    See above.

  18. What Elwed said. I’ve not done the All Comments template yet, but hope to get to it tonight or tomorrow. I’m also still kicking around how to handle the pagination of comments as it means I’ll probably have to write a custom plugin for the Most Receent Comments feature as there’s no way using standard EE tags to have it include pagination info in the links it builds.

    I really want to use pagination, though, because the ignore feature requires that I don’t have template caching turned on for comments so pagination will help offset the extra load that puts on the server. It also eliminates one of the problems with really long threads under the old templates. EE assumes you’re going to paginate your comment listing so if you don’t supply a limit parameter then it defaults to 100 or so which means on a page that lists all the comments anything past comment 100 is just left off. In order to get the really long threads to display I had to set a limit of 600 or so and I can’t help but wonder if that wasn’t part of the problem.

    In short pagination is probably here to stay as it’s a good idea. I just have to work out a way to get the links in the side bar to build correctly. Oddly enough some of the comment notification emails include the pagination info and some don’t and I haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing it to work some times and not others.

  19. I just realized you and I have the same shower curtain. Do you have the same little sun picture over the toilet?

  20. Don’t even have the shower curtain anymore. It’s a casualty of my unemployment.

    Never had the sun picture you mentioned, but I do have a Sun, Moon and Stars candle sconces for the walls. I’m big on the whole celestial theme so I’ve got plates and silverware in that style along with bedsheets and other assorted household items.

  21. Hi Les, a few comments on the layout –

    On the general page, think about changing the blue sidebar to the same background black. As it is, it feels blocky and separate from the whole.

    On the comments pages, I’d suggest reducing the thickness of the blue bar, and the general layout would profit from some changing to tighten up the visual look – and to make clearer where one comment ends and another starts (as it is they blend together a bit, for example no way sure way to see within the page whether the date refers to the above or the below post – you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to check

    I also feel that signatures and so on produce more clutter than worth it in a board where the actual comments should be the main thing (discussion, not oft-repeated same statements). For short comments, sigs end up being much larger in many cases.

    Finally, is there a way (maybe a setting) that all comments are displayed on one page? I really liked not having to load new pages when reading through a long thread. Then again, that might have been a partial cause of your problems with the old layout.

    Captcha ‘simple58’. Nice fit – simple is almost always better wink

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