New layout is a work in progress.

Just in case some of you were doubting that I’m actually working on a new layout for SEB I thought I’d toss up a screen shot of what I’ve got so far:

Click for a bigger view!

This is only a partial, but it gets the general idea across. There’s still lots yet to be done so I’m continuing to pound away at it. Let me know what you think so far.

35 thoughts on “New layout is a work in progress.

  1. I’m still puzzling how to work that in there. The header graphic can be expanded, but I’ve got a big head and that would make it huge. I might try sticking something just above the two columns on the right though.

    Like I said, a work in progress. grin

  2. 1) While I like that layout, I’ve been finding it easier to read the current boring layout due to it being dark text on a light background.  Any chance of that staying or being an option?

    2) Are you running some version of Vista there or just a clever windows theme?

  3. Looking good, black background with white text doesn’t strain the eyes nearly as much as the reverse which gives me headaches with glare. I wonder if I can customise Word to be like that?

    Blue and black go well because for some reason it doesn’t seem to glare as much as other combinations with black, I don’t know why that is

    Recent comments welcome back smile More in view too

    It would be interesting if the les picture could be interacted with, kind of like “create your own zwinky” only with a more evil theme such as “help les perform surgery on ____” and you get to see the result and be creative with improvised tools from around the home like powerdrills, screwdrivers, bleach.

  4. I agree, dark text on light background is better, but I also prefer that layout over the old one.

  5. The WIP theme in the picture looks awesome.  I agree with Consi, implement ASAP.

    I’m still puzzling how to work that in there. The header graphic can be expanded, but I’ve got a big head and that would make it huge. I might try sticking something just above the two columns on the right though.

    I like that idea a lot.

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  7. Move to England smile
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    You shouldn’t feel guilty about coming back, just extra pleased that you served at all, similarly don’t feel like you shouldn’t take mediciene when it’s widely available (or at least I assume more in the civie world)

  8. Peter, what the hell does your comment have to do with the topic of this entry? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. I’m half inclined to delete it for being completely out of place.

  9. I really look forward to the old SEB coming back; This version has no personality.

    One thing I don’t understand is how people can say dark print on a light background is easier to read. I have to struggle to read the site now and find the old way of light on dark much easier to read.

    As it is now I find it necessary to highlight the whole page which makes the background dark and the letters white.

    I like the work in progress very much. Thanks for your hard work Les and may it be available soon. It puts the lotion on the skin…

  10. The only thing I really miss is the ‘most recent comment’ links.  It’s nice to be able to follow hot topics without having to subscribe and get hundreds of emails.  Oh- and the random links were always fun.

  11. I’ll be going with the dark background with light text to start, but will probably see if I can’t whip up a reversed version that can be toggled to for those who prefer it.

    First I need to finish what I’ve got so far.

  12. @Brock: The current bland theme isn’t a good example of dark on light, as this is really grey text on light background.  That makes it more of a light on light kind of scenario.  However many people find proper dark on light easier to read as it’s more like the books/papers/whatever we’re used to reading offline.

  13. The sidebars being on the right was just something to make it a bit more different than the last theme. I could always put them on the left if more people prefer that.

    So we have one vote for putting the sidebar on the left. Any others?

  14. Recent batshit crazy posters that atheists: Don and Peter.  Warms my heart, just warms my heart.  To make my comment on topic, will there be a batshit crazy hall of shame?

  15. Someone mentioned that they thought the sidebars should be on the left so I did a quick modification to the CSS to put them on the left so you guys could check it out. Click here to see this alternate version and then tell me what you think.

    I think it looks odd with the menu tabs right above it, but it might look better once I figure out how to wedge a picture in there.

    [Update:] I’ve re-uploaded the pic with a graphic above the two columns to give an idea of what that would look like. It’s not necessarily the picture I would use, but I like it.

  16. I vote for RIGHT.

    Switch things up a bit give us something new.  That and I tend to use the sidebars very little, so I would rather have it off to the side. 

    I guess that sounds weird but I seem to use the left side of the screen more than the right.  Since the Windows start menu is over there and such.  And because of this I focus on the left side of the screen more than the right.

  17. @Brock: The current bland theme isn’t a good example of dark on light, as this is really gray text on light background.  That makes it more of a light on light kind of scenario.

    True, Manzabar, but I wasn’t sure if the letters might be black to Les. You never know what another person is perceiving. grin

    To view interesting ways that colors and shades can be perceived differently than they really are, check out

    the 2nd and 3rd entries on this page.

  18. I like the layout overall, Les. Couple of comments from my perspective; first, the letters all seem really small. I assume you have your desktop set at a higher resolution than the 1024×768 that I keep mine at. How does it look at different sizes? I do like the sidebars on the left, but I could easily adjust to either side. Not so sure about the 2 sidebars being side by side. Have you tried reducing the picture to half size and stacking the sidebars?

  19. Consi: Don and Peter

    I have a strange suspicion that they are one and the same person. True, Peter is about ten times more coherent than Don ever was, but the similarities are nonetheless uncanny.

    Back to the topic at hand, I eagerly await the arrival of a format other than this one.

  20. KPG, for the screen shots I set my desktop resolution really high so more of the layout would show up. The fonts are only that small if you’re at 1600×1200. It should like fine at 1024×768 and it’s mostly fine at 800×600, though that’s a real tight fit as the sidebars eat up half the screen at that size.

    If I’m going to stack the sidebars I may as well eliminate one of them and have just one as I did previously. My thought with two of them was to put more info within reach without having to scroll halfway down the page. Plus it looked different. I can always just make it a single sidebar if that’s what people prefer.

    So far that’s three votes for sidebars on the left and one for the sidebars on the right.

  21. I had a look – I’m easy. I woulda made a good slut (is that an oxymoron or are there bad sluts?).
    I gotta agree with a coupla others that mentioned a preference for ‘recent comments’ on the side.
    As long as it’s nothing like THIS blandification I’ll be happier … but if this is the best I can get I can get used to anything.

  22. Bugger. I didn’t Ctrl C.

    What I said was – I don’t care. Anything’s gotta be better than this blandness.
    I would like the ‘recent comments’ listed as before though for similar reasons as others have mentioned.
    Side-bar? Prefer on the left but only coz I hate change.

  23. Here I am complaining that the text is hard to read and I’ve got my screen resolution set at 1920X1200. I’m not gonna change it though so I’ll just have to continue increasing the font size when I come to the site. Small pale letters are my kryptonite.

    Sidebar on the left is my preference but I’ll accept on the right gladly to have the look, as a whole, back.

  24. Okay LJ, props you get.  This:

    I woulda made a good slut (is that an oxymoron or are there bad sluts?

    made me laugh out loud.

  25. Les, if you wanted to keep the header small the way it appears in your sample, you could just have a buncha smaller “Les Heads” in different animated poses fading out to the right . . . kind of a “Many Moods of Les Jenkins” thing. 

    I like the rest of the layout, and always liked the blue on black – it soothes me for some reason.

  26. Beau Tochs:

    you could just have a buncha smaller “Les Heads” in different animated poses fading out to the right

    A les head that moves so is always looking in the direction of your mouse would be particularly cool, and when you place your mouse over you might see a facial expression. Heads made to look like they’re pickled in jars would also be neat.

    Would also be interesting to replace smileys with various les heads

  27. I’m a bit late to this party. There’s nothing wrong with going live with a partially complete template and follow up with incremental improvements.

    It’s also technically possible to make different layouts – say which side which sidebar(s) go – user configurable.

  28. elwed:

    There’s nothing wrong with going live with a partially complete template and follow up with incremental improvements

    I agree, it’s like if you had a graph, you would have a larger total integrating all the positive area than only the maximum. So in otherwords the total benefit is greater released earlier with incremental improvements. In this case ‘positive’ means any improvement.

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