It’s time once again to de-lurk!

SEB has a surprisingly good sized core of dedicated commenters who stop by regularly to add their two cents to the various entries. This post is not for you. No, it’s for the much larger portion of the readership that stop by daily or weekly, but never quite get around to leaving a comment.

Well Veerle of Veerle’s blog has once again called upon her dark powers to declare that it’s Annual De-Lurking Time once again!

What exactly is De-Lurking?

The term is used for people that read blogs or join chat rooms or newsgroups and don’t participate in commenting. The readers that just look around because they don’t have anything to add to the discussion or because it’s already been said. Does this sounds like someone you know? It’s something that got orginally started by Sheryl from Papernapkin.

So now’s the time. If you’re an SEB regular who doesn’t comment often, or at all, then hit the comments section and type up a small missive to let us know you’re alive. Doesn’t have to be anything profound, just a simple “Hello!” will do.

87 thoughts on “It’s time once again to de-lurk!

  1. I like your site, I think I have commented once or twice. Although I think myself fairly well-informed and a ‘bright’ (in contrast to just bright) oftentimes I find my opinions being made by others, much more eloquently than I could even think them through.

    Whilst not a guarantee, at some point you will post something that I will absolutely have to comment upon, and at that time I will.

  2. Hi there! I check out yout blog quite often and enjoy it very much. I think its funny and has some great insights!

  3. I”m an occasional de-lurker, but hopefully I’ll be able to post more frequently now that I’ve completed my thesis and graduated.  Keep up the good work Les!

  4. Greetings all!
    I’m still a daily lurker at the Bastard’s.
    I always find something interesting here.
    Keep up the good work Les and crew!

    Live long and prosper,

  5. Hello. I check SEB almost daily, and have been for a very long time now, probably close to two years at least. I’m not sure how I came across this, but I know it’s played a large part in helping me become a solid athiest.

  6. Just yesterday I was about to comment on how I felt the new layout should include the photo of Les’ head; then didn’t upon discovering that it had already been said.

    I visit SEB almost daily and have been visiting for more than 2 years now but have very rarely commented on an entry.

    So, a de-lurking “Hello!” and a big “Thank you!” to Les and all of you making SEB such a fun and elightening read.

  7. Everyone here except me is sick, so, I’m busy taking care of everyone while trying not to get sick myself. I’ll keep lurking to see what you all are talking about. Hey, Les, did you watch wife swap last night? Evangelicals swapped with Atheists. Oh, how I’d love to be on that show!!

  8. Science Goddess here.  I read every day, but comment only on the science stuff, if I know anything about it.  Wow!  A scientist who doesn’t know everything…..

  9. My 18 year old daughter turned me on to SEB and I’ve been an almost daily reader since. Keep up the good work, Les!

  10. Hi, been checking out this blog daily for over a yr now I guess, don’t know how I came across this page. love reading the entries related to politics and religion in particular but I never post any comments, I guess I don’t find anything worth saying that hasn’t already been said. Keep up the good work!!

  11. I also am a daily lurker.  Weekends are the worst.  I check Monday over coffee and I miss extensive posts and it’s so hard to catch up.

  12. I comment from time to time. I read almost daily. When I read about the stop motion animation, I was inspired. So my son and I made this:

    Our first ever attempt. My boy’s 5, and he likes it.


  13. Don’t call it a comeback
    I been here for years
    Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
    Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon
    Listen to the bass go BOOM

    longtime lurkers represent!

  14. as prior comments state: you always say everything well enough smile  there’s nothing left for me to say, but YEAH WHAT HE SAID! smile

    keep up the good work, i love reading your posts smile

  15. I’ve been reading your blog nearly every day for years now. I usually check it out during my lunch break at work, but it’s part of a long list of websites that I enjoy, so I don’t usually have (or take) the time to make any comments. By the way, I’m not on a lunch break right now, so I’m being a very bad girl.

    I think I found your site just after deconverting to atheism and had followed a few links from other atheist webites. Keep up the great work.

  16. Well, I comment every now and again, and I comment at Momma’s, and Cindy’s, but I think I do not comment enough to relieve myself of the shackles of lurkiness.

    So, I thus comment. wink

  17. Hello! I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been “lurking” for several months. Good writing and topics here, and a fun community of commentors. smile

  18. Glad to hear from all of you! It’s sometimes easy to forget that the audience is larger than just the folks who chime in regularly. Especially when I put up an entry I just know will get a ton of comments and it gets all of three.

    Barry, I just checked the Atom feed via Google Reader and Bloglines and it appears to be working. What RSS aggregator are you using?

    ND, that wasn’t a bad bit of animation for a first attempt. The cool part is that if you keep up with it you and your son can build on it to do even more advanced things.

    Has he got a collection of action figures? Back when I was in high school I had a friend who had a huge collection of action figures and he’d sit around and do all sorts of stupid animations using them and one of those huge old VHS camcorders. Ready made source of actors if you’re feeling creative.

  19. Ah, I remember way back in 6th grade using a friend’s high tech VHS camera (it had a single frame record feature) to make some great movies with G.I. Joe figures as the accident prone actors.  Wonder if he still has any of those tapes…

    lurk on,

  20. Barry, I just checked the Atom feed via Google Reader and Bloglines and it appears to be working. What RSS aggregator are you using?

    Sage 1.3.9 on Firefox  It gives me “XML parse error”, but I haven’t checked out why.

  21. Nice, quote there, Christian – “Prisoner”, am I right? 

    I comment in bursts but mostly lurk.  Been a reader for a while though. 

    Now I need to get back to work… *chuckles*

  22. If you insist, just this once I’ll stop lurking and leave a comment. The Stupid Evil Bastard is my hero.

    Thank you.

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