In which our intrepid hero takes his first steps into Outland…

Thanks to an SEB regular from Blizzard and Brendoman not only am I setup with a copy of The Burning Crusade and a couple of extra months of playtime, but so is my wife Anne. Seems Brendoman didn’t see the update where I mentioned that someone from Blizzard hooked me up with a free key and so he bought a copy of TBC and a prepaid game card for me. By the time he realized I’d already been hooked up it was too late to stop the order so he kindly sent me an email and told me to give it to Anne. Again I want to thank both Blizzard and Brendoman for their generosity.

So last night with our accounts upgraded Anne and I logged in to WoW and started up new Draenei and Blood Elf characters to see what they were like. They are, in a word, cool. Later I logged in with my main character, Balfour the Level 60 Dwarven Hunter, and headed for the Blasted Lands so I could venture forth through the Dark Portal for the first time. Here’s a screen shot of those first steps…

Click to embiggen!

It sure is purty, but what you don’t see in that shot is the towering forty-foot tall demons that are just down the steps from that plateau beating the living shit out of everything in the area. Luckily I didn’t have to fight them first thing because they’re much higher level than I am. There’s a griffin flight point just to the left of the steps that takes you to the Alliance base out there. Horde is to the right.

So far it’s been amazing and disconcerting. The disconcerting part comes from the first few times you replace one of your treasured bits of blue armor—so called due to its rarity—with a new green piece (not as rare). Or, worse yet, replacing the first ever epic (purple) armor you ever got with a blue because the blue is better. Still, it’s better armor so I’m not really complaining. It’s just you get so attached to your Chainmail Vest of Eternal Bloodletting after awhile, ya know?

16 thoughts on “In which our intrepid hero takes his first steps into Outland…

  1. My main, pictured above, is on Durotan along with nine other alts at various stages of progession. My next highest is a human mage named Trixx who’s 51.

  2. I was thinking an SEB member WoW game/team might be fun. I don’t own WoW though I admit, but for those interested…

  3. Characters are tied to the server you created them on though you can pay to have a character transferred to a different server.

    Performance is affected by a number of things and server population is one of them. When a server gets overpopulated Blizzard will often offer free character transfers to a brand new unpopulated server for a short period of time.

    Right now on Durotan the zone with the heaviest concentration of people (and thusly the most likely to affect game performance) is Hellfire Peninsula which is the first zone in Outland and one of the biggest in the game. For me on Durotan this results in a slightly lower framerate than I’m used to, but nothing major in the way of performance hiccups, but I’ve got a gig of RAM in my PC and that helps a lot when dealing with areas with a lot of people in them.

  4. I think I can sum it up as follows. You approach a character highly powerful compared to you – one who is certainly capable of doing the job himself.

    “There have been many vicious fluffybunnies terrorizing our village. Slay these fluffybunnies – bring me their feet”

    The only reason why it’s funny is because the non-player-characters (NPC) get you to do the stupidest stuff for experience. It’s senseless.

  5. For the last 2 years I have been supporting my boyfriend and myself on a lowly government salary while he finished his college degree. And we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t afford not to play WoW. The reason being like mosts people when money is tight we find ourselves spending more of it just to pull ourselves out of the depression that comes with falling on hard financial times.

    WoW was cost effective because on those nights when we were about ready to say screw it we deserve dinner and a movie. We would end up staying home and playing wow and saving what little money we had.

    We figured it like this, Dinner and a movie would cost at the very least $60 and that was only a couple of hours. For about that much money you could get 1 WoW account for almost 6 months.

    For us WoW most likely stopped us from killing each other during that time.

  6. PvP Reader, popular belief has it that the reason the ratio of people playing Alliance outnumbers people playing the Horde at 2 to 1 on most servers is because the Alliance newbie zones are all ridiculously easy to level up in whereas the Horde newbie zones, particularly Durotar, were much more difficult. An idea that Scott apparently buys into. So the joke is that with the release of the expansion bringing the Blood Elves to the Horde faction there’s now a starting area that’s as easy to level up in as anything on the Alliance side.

    I’ve been playing toons on both sides for awhile now myself and personally I think the belief is nonsense. Of the newbie areas the most annoying is Mulgore and that’s largely because it’s pretty damn big so you spend a lot of time running to get from the quest giver to the things the quest giver wants you to kill/collect, but a similar situation exists for the dwarves/gnomes in Dun Morogh which can be equally annoying.

    All in all it takes me about the same amount of time to level a toon from 1 to 10 on both the Horde and Alliance sides.

  7. Sad days.  I’m on Archimonde w/ my 62 paladin.
    I’ve replaced 2 purples w/ GREENS…not even blues. 

    I’ve been very very impressed w/ the expansion so far.  I’ve only got one quest (a dungeon) left in the first zone and have moved on to the swamp to complete a bunch of quests there.

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