Happy New Year 2007!

Here’s hoping the new year will find us all happy, healthy, and prosperous.

2006 was a real roller coaster for us so I’m hoping 2007 will be a big improvement.

38 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2007!

  1. Hope y’all have a good, interesting and lucky 2007 – eventful enough to excite you but not eventful enough to irreparably damage you. 

    The Talmud: Never expose yourself unnecessarily to danger; a miracle may not save you … and if it does, it will be deducted from your share of luck or merit.

  2. Sadie, I agree with you on one level and then I recall …
    He who fears that he may suffer already suffers what he fears.
    And if you plat it through …
    Buddha: All unhappiness is caused by ignorance = fear = desire … for different circumstances …
    You come to a place of Trust and Surrender where you realise fear is only about
    Future Events Appearing Real.  smile

  3. So you think. I will give you credit for inspiring me to learn how to implement the ignore feature in the next round of templates, though.

  4. Les, don’t forget about the greasemonkey extension for Firefox. Once your new templates are ready, it should be possible to adapt one of the forum ignore scripts…

    Come to think of it, I wonder if you could add support for such a thing right in the templates.

  5. Les, get a job! No, seriously, get a job!:-) 2006 was not the best year for some so let’s hope 2007 is a barn burner!

  6. speaking of burning barns Destroy All Humans 2 is a great game to get all the anger out!  just kill the humans with a gun and it all goes out!

  7. In this New Year:

    May Les destroy all his Hawaiian shirts,
    May LJ blister his fingers periodically, but find love and amusement otherwise,
    May Sadie stay sexy, if sane is not possible,
    May zilch remain safely abroad so as not to corrupt the masses,
    May Elwed finally place the burden of proof where it belongs in a discussion,
    May GM brighten the place up with her presence more often,
    May DOF find his lost faith,
    May Patness live and consume to his full potential,
    May Brock find the perfect chicken salad recipe,
    May Ufreker discover the truth of originalism,
    May Mother Nature, well, she can just kiss my ass for the way she greeted me this year.

  8. Dang I dont get a May … thing…. Oh well!  May I,learn… electric…guitar.. before my birthday!

  9. Why, Consi!  You never let on that you were into polytheism … wink

    “Placing the burden of proof where it belongs in a discussion” … I just had an image of a forcible anatomical insertion …

  10. Thanks Consi.
    Blistered fingers was an interesting concept to attach to me as I have burnt myself periodically whilst cooking and even burnt myself periodically whilst smoking.
    Today’s my 3rd SMOKEFREE day – I won’t say it’s easy but it is definitely interesting.
    It’s fascinating arguing with an enslaved mind … as if it is a child.
    The most interesting concept the child in me threw up is that during December I could smoke … and when I acknowledged that idea wasn’t too stupid ( LOL ) it mentioned a week in June …  wink

    Love and amusement?
    It’s rather common, don’t you think? I find it’s almost everywhere.  smile

  11. May DOF find his lost faith,

    That’s a pretty tall order, Consi – I think it would have to find me.  But thanks for the good wishes anyway!  And a happy New Year to you. grin

  12. LuckyJohn: Today’s my 3rd SMOKEFREE day – I won’t say it’s easy but it is definitely interesting.

    Good luck with that. For each successive New Year’s from 2000 through 2006 I resolved to quit smoking. Last year it lasted about nine days, and this year I said “fuck it.” My lungs can just go to hell.

    I sincerely hope that you are successful in your endeavor, though. Emancipate your lungs from The Man!

  13. Gee Moloch, did you manage to figure that out all by yourself? What was your clue? The fact that it’s just random letters or that the URL doesn’t go any where? Surely it’s wasn’t the fact that it makes more sense than most of the comments you leave behind.

  14. Actually it’s working great. That was the only one of 6 such spams to make it past the filter. Considering that the spams consist of entirely random characters the fact that it’s catching the majority of them makes me happy indeed. No filter will stop all spam, but the amount of those random spams getting through has dropped considerably since I put those filters in place.

  15. Yes Moloch, that’s spam. The only one of four attempts that made it past the filter. Thanks for your help in pointing it out, but you do realize that by quoting it you’re defeating the point of my deleting it, right?

  16. Moloch, why don’t you fuck off?

    You know what I really resent about you?

    You make me laugh.

    Quick Les! They are taking over!!!!!!

    LTM (larfing too much)

  17. You’re this side of being banned, Moloch. There’s little point in my removing the spam comments if you’re going to quote every single one of them. I’ll put up with you being who you are, but I won’t put up with you interfering in the operation of SEB.

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