Comment preview page is screwed up.

Just a quick FYI: The comment preview page is currently damaged goods and should be avoided until I get the chance to sit down and fix the damned thing. I’ll post a note when I’ve done that. For now it’ll just chew up your comment and spit it back out in a most unpleasant manner.

5 thoughts on “Comment preview page is screwed up.

  1. Nope, but I just tried clicking on your profile and got an error related to the new Form Protection extension I put in. So I disabled that extension.

    I’ll have to dash off a bug report about it after a little more testing.

  2. Webs, without even running a validator, the preview page doesn’t seem to load the right CSS file/template, if any.

    Les, I figured it was one of those new-fangled extensions wink

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