Barenaked Ladies discuss DRM in interview on CBC’s “The Hour.”

The Barenaked Ladies is my favorite band mainly because of their music, but also because of their stance on issues such as DRM and eco-issues. They recently did an interesting interview on CBC’s The Hour:

The band has developed a reputation for fighting copyright restrictions, like DRM, and they’re using innovative approaches to let fans do what they want with their music, for instance they’ve released their album on a USB stick.

They also are doing their part to stop global warming and are teamed up with an environmental group, Reverb. The idea is to develop a “Barenaked Planet” at each tour stop and cut the amount of waste and CO2 emissions they use on tour.

Not only do they insist on releasing their music in standard MP3 format and with no DRM restrictions at all, but they’re also trying to reduce the amount of waste they produce in their products and while touring around. For example they’re running bio-diesel in their tour buses. You can view the interview online by clicking here. They’ve also just released their latest album, The Barenaked Ladies are Men, which I’ll have to add to my wish list. After a jump a video clip of BNL on their “Ships and Dips Cruise.”

Link found by Boing Boing.

Are these guys cool or what?

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