Apple posts a $1 Billion profit.

Apple certainly must be doing something right. According to a Wired Magazine they’ve had their best first quarter ever:

Thanks to selling an unbelievable 21.1 million iPods over the holidays, Apple reported record-breaking revenues for the December quarter of more than $7 billion. $1 billion of that is pure profit.

“We’ve just kicked off what is going to be a very strong new product year for Apple by launching Apple TV and the revolutionary iPhone,” said El Jobso in a statement.

Apple aslo sold 1.6 million Macs, which ain’t too shabby either. Also a record, I believe. Almost 1 million of those were portables and 600,000 desktops, according to an Apple data sheet.

And contrary to reports from Forester that iTunes sales are on the slide, Apple says they were up 30 percent (year on year) in the December quarter.

Not too shabby.

4 thoughts on “Apple posts a $1 Billion profit.

  1. A lot of hype and fascinating look, but apple iphone lacks and lacks a way too much with closed wall no SDK stinks. I could have instantly switched over from Sony Ericsson K using Zyb but it seems that synchronisation will remail a nightmare! Alas help Jobs@@@

  2. $1 billion of that is pure profit

    Not bad for a fruit company LOL
    (OK I stole/adapted that one off Forest Gump)

  3. Except their stock dropped 5% today.  Apparently, their predictions about 2007 fell short of analysts predictions.  Historically, Apple is conservative in their predictions of their own performance, so what happened was Apples low expectations of their performance for the coming years was below that of the market analysts high expectations, but still very good and because of that, their stock price fell, even though their profits are up and expected to keep going up.

    I love the stock market.

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