And now some funny cat pictures…

This wouldn’t be a proper blog if I didn’t talk about cats on occasion. OK technically it’s supposed to be my cat, but sometimes any cat will do. Some cat pictures that are already funny can be made even funnier by the insertion of (sometimes) poorly spelled text.  That’s the basic idea behind this collection of amusing cat pictures.

My personal favorite from that set…

Click to embiggen!

Not sure where it originated, but it shows up a lot as a cliche on and it makes me laugh every time I see it. Which says a lot about my twisted sense of humor. There’s even a clever follow up at the link provided.

13 thoughts on “And now some funny cat pictures…

  1. Les, It quite possible that you have misunderstood what goes into a proper blog, they were talking about Pussy, and you thought they meant Cats. :=)

    Cool Pics…

  2. gulp rofl if you want to see somtin funny google bush and look for head shots then paste him with a pic of suddan with his thumb up surprised

  3. this picture is ok its not the best we have seen. Its not like we have ever seen a cat poking its head out of a ceiling.

    It appears the wonder twins have missed the caption.  Perhaps you two (who the fuck posts as two separate people anyway? Are you conjoined or something?) do not understand the word “masturbate”.  I will aid in your comprehension:

    Masturbate (ma-stir-bait)verb – A stress relieving activity that involves manual stimulation of one’s genitalia, usually to the point of achieving orgasm.  Often occurs in male humans after viewing pornographic materials, visiting a strip club, or spending $150.00 on a dinner and theater date and later finding out the girl just “Wants to be friends, but thanks for the date, it was fun.” 

    OK, I just realized you two are saying you’ve never seen a cat poke it’s head through a ceiling.  In light of that statement, I find that you are both probably very, very confused.

  4. masurbate….. hmmmmm but…. is that stupid cat a girl or boy? and is watching girl or boy masurbate?? or is it just gay or lesbo action lalalallalalallalalallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… -.- thank you people

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