And now for something completely different: Tony vs Paul.

Back before cable TV made its debut in the Detroit area we had a broadcast premium movie service called “ON TV” that would take over Channel 20 at 8PM every night to broadcast uncut movies. Seeing as most movies are never exactly one or two hours in length they’d fill up the time until the next movie with either previews or short video clips by film students and the like. My favorites were always the stop-motion animations using real people. I recall one which told the story of a biker gang that rode around on invisible motorcycles terrorizing the locals including a bunch of geeks on their invisible scooters. Another one featured cowboys riding invisible horses and having shootouts with their extended index fingers. I dreamed of making movies like that myself some day.

Well, I never did get into movie making, but I still enjoy those cheesy stop-motion movies so you can imagine how cool I found the following to be:

Found via Boing Boing.

9 thoughts on “And now for something completely different: Tony vs Paul.

  1. I have to say that albeit pointless that was very creative beyond anything I could ever think of, and quite amusing. I don’t know quite where the ideas come from, I guess it’s a kind of natural(/aquired?) knack that comes with being a certain type of person. Video clips of this type seem to sometimes improvise with the environment a lot so I’m guessing the film makers are the type who always look at the stuff around them

  2. Dad’s PC isn’t quite as fast as mine so it’s been stop – watch – stop – watch – stop – watch – stop – watch … but still pretty excellent in the ideas they captured.
    The one tiny detail it did confirm (at the 50 second mark) is that y’all have to switch the light-switch up for ON and therefore, I presume, down for OFF (unless, like the rest of the film, it was a hoax).
    In Oz it’s Vicky Verka.  wink

  3. Depends on who did the wiring and if there’s multiple switches, but the standard in the states is usually up for ON and down for OFF. If you have two switches controlling one light then it tends to depend on A) which switch you’re flipping and B) what position the other switch is already in.

    There are always exceptions where someone wired the switch wrong or put the switch in upside down, though.

  4. emailed this to my step son, as he starts a film/scriptwriting course in september.

    I assume the flying sequences are done by jumping, editing out all by one frame and stitching together.

    I’ve done short 10 sec stop motions- that takes ages- this smust have taken days.

    If you operate a switch up/on in the UK people tell you you have the plate upsidedown until you swap it round (double switched stuff excepting). You yanks eh- craizeeey

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